What is Happiness and how to be Happy

This story will teach you what is happiness and how to be happy.

A couple was happily spending their lives. For some reason their happiness

Kept going Then he heard that a Mahatma has come to the nearby village,

Relieve discomfort Te both went to him. Mahatma said that you are the world

Go and find a couple of perfectly happy men and women. If you

If you find such a person, then bring a part of his clothes and always give him

Keep close. After this you will always be happy.

They both set out on their journey. He came to know at one place that the governor

And his wife is happiest. He went to them and asked- “Are you most happy?” He replied- “Yes, we are happy in any case, just someone of ours

Do not have children.

Hearing this, he continued his journey. Reached a place and found that there

The happiest couple stays. They both went to him and asked- “Do you

Most happy? The couple replied- “Yes, we are happy but

There is only one sorrow, we have many children, due to which our life got disturbed

is . They both left disappointed from wherever.

While walking, they reached the desert where a shepherd was feeding the sheep. His wife and daughter brought food from far away, the three of them started eating together.

Seeing this, he asked the shepherd the same question. The shepherd admits that he is happiest. They both asked for a piece of his shirt. Shepherd said that if I give you my shirt

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If I give the piece, I will wear it. I have the same shirt.

Desperate, both of them returned to the Mahatma and told him their experiences.

Mahatma said that you must have understood that no one in the world is completely happy

Is not. If happiness is twilight, then find yourself inside and not outside.

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