Clay Toy - This Motivational Story Everyone Should Read

Clay Toy – This Motivational Story Everyone Should Read

A potter lived in a village, he made pottery and toys, and sold it to the city. As it was going on well, one day his wife said that now stop feeding this earthen pot and making utensils and go to the city to do some job, because we do not survive by making it, if you do something at the end of the month Money will come.

The potter too had begun to feel the same, but he was very fond of making clay blossoms, but was compelled by the situation, and he went to the city and started working, but he still had his mind, his chalk and clay Used to live only in bloom.

Time spent, one day in the city where he used to work, it was his child’s birthday at the owner’s house.

Everyone brought expensive gifts, the potter thought, why should I make a toy of clay and take it for the child, who sees the gift of the poor anyway.

Thinking this, he took a clay toy. When the feast was over, the son of the owner and all the children who came there Everyone liked that toy and started insisting that they want the same toy.

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Everyone started asking each other, who brought this magnificent gift, then someone said that this gift brought your servant.

Surprised at all, for the stubbornness of the children, the owner called the potter and asked where did you bring this toy, how could you bring such an expensive gift?

The potter laughed hearing this and said sorry, boss, this is not an expensive gift, I have made it myself, I used to live in the village, But he could not work at home, so I have come to work with you.

The owner was surprised to hear and said that can you blossom and make this for the rest of the children?

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The potter said happily, yes owner, and he made colorful toys for everyone.

Seeing this, the owner thought why I would trade these toys and sell them in the city.

Thinking this, he put the potter on the job of making toys and in return he also gave good salary and living house every month.

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Having found all this, the potter and his family also became very happy and the potter also got the work of his choice.

The basic meaning of this story is that if you have the skill, then under any circumstances, a person can live his life happily with that skill and make a name in the world.

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