Describe a Friend Who Is a Good Leader

Describe a Friend Who Is a Good Leader

There are many ways to answer when it comes to the cue card theme that requires you to talk about someone or a relative who is a person to lead.

The cue card exercise takes about 4-5 minutes, and each candidate gets only 2 minutes to present. A further one minute is allocated before the start of the speaking assignment to make notes and notepads on the subject.

Notes can be referenced during speaking. It is essential to note down the speech quickly and switch your attention to speaking easily and using the correct vocabulary and pronunciation.

The examiner pointed out every little detail that could affect the score overall.

Describe a Person/Friend Who is a Good Leader

In the 1 minute of preparation time, these pointers could be used to determine the cue card subject:

  • Who is this person?
  • How do you know this person?
  • What is he doing?
  • What’s his attitude?
  • What are the reasons you think that he’s a great leader?

Who is the Person? How do You Know the person?

I want to speak about my college pal Mayank, a great leader. We’ve been in the same section throughout our course, and I’ve witnessed his extraordinary leadership skills during this time.

He’s a straight man and always ready to voice his opinion on any subject. He’s always the first to sign up for any debate competition at the college.

What is He doing?

He has been the class representative from the beginning and is actively involved in other work on campus. Three non-profit organizations have also employed him as a part-time instructor.

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How is His Behavior?

His method of expressing opinions and beliefs is exact and focused. He always seeks to determine the issue’s root and works on repairing the base. His theories and methods consistently produce excellent competition results and are highly regarded by faculty.

Why do you think he is a good leader?

The primary attribute of an Good Leader is his ability to communicate. He speaks in an inspiring and persuasive way, which keeps his team members genuinely well-informed. I am amazed by his abilities as a leader. He is bound to be successful in the world of business and life.

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Do You Think There will be more female leaders shortly?

Not only the present, but many females are becoming Good Leader in organizations across the globe. Women are equal to men in nearly every field and have a lot of success in every area. The notion that men are more Good Leaders is coming towards an end, and the world is witnessing the rise of powerful positions obtained by women.

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Should a Leader Consult His Team Members for a Decision?

The leader must constantly seek advice from his team members before making any significant decision. In the first place, the decision will affect all team members and not only the leader. Second, gaining the advice of different colleagues will help the leader to broaden his perspective and make significant adjustments. Ultimately, it can boost the leader’s reputation and help him earn a respectable place among his team members.

Who is the Head of the Family in Your Culture?

In India, the oldest person is believed to head the household. Generally, men are considered the head of the family, but this is not generalized. For example, my grandfather died at birth, and my grandmother has been the head of the family ever since. Every decision she made was strictly adhered to.


For a perfect presentation on cue card topics, keeping a steady and relaxed voice is crucial. 

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