Feeling Hopeless? Things to do if you feel Hopeless:

Things to do if you feel Hopeless

How do you feel now?

Are you feeling hopeless? 

What is Hopelessness definition?

Hopelessness is a feeling or condition of being without any hope or a state of being unhappy because there seems no possibility of success or a better situation.

It is an awful feeling when you feel hopeless almost about everything in your life or about your ability to get out of trouble.

When you have a feeling like ‘I am very small and I have no money, ‘I can’t change even if I tried and I am nothing’ is a state of hopelessness and you have to seek help from professionals. 

How to deal with hopelessness?

Are you looking for how to remove hopelessness? When you feel hopeless you can do some of the things to make your life a lot better even the things might seem bad. 

Debate the Opposite:

You will likely think about all the reasons that everything is getting even worse when you feel hopeless.

You should take some time to debate the opposite. Things might work out better than you expect or might things get better by thinking positively.

It is always important to think a bit about the potential positives that can help you open up to more possibilities.

There are chances when you debating the opposite can make you understand that things may not be as gloomy as you’re anticipating by just open up to that idea.

It may not even turn out to be great but most importantly it might not turn out that bad. 

What you gain from being hopeless:

You should think about what you gain or get from being hopeless and you will understand that you get away from disappointment.

You might think like the way that you don’t get anything then there is no need to feel this way.

You might understand upon some more reflection that you will not be disappointed if you are feeling hopeless.

There is no need of worrying about being disappointed when things go badly and if you not expect anything good to happen.

The feeling of hopelessness also helps you feel all right without any action.

It may help you by protecting you from creating change or doing anything differently this is the one thing you might gain from being hopeless

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What you could gain from developing Hope:

On the other side, if you have more hope, then you can gain a lot of things in your life. Being hopeful help you to do things differently and can change your life to new levels.

If you were hopeful then you might go ahead and start to act. When you realize that you have hope then start to work.

The feelings might follow if you start to change your behaviour. You might start to eventually feel more hopeful if you act hopefully.

You have to be confident that you can get success or able to come through the pain of loss. For anything to achieve in your life you have to be hopeful. 

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Have a chat with a family member or trusted friend:

Reaching out to a trusted friend or family member is one of the best solutions when you are having a hard time in your life or struggling to identify a possible solution.

Tell them what you’re experiencing. You can tell them the struggle you are going through and they may help you by offering some strategies.

When you reach your loved ones for any issue they may see that from a different perspective and will help you with a different solution that makes you feel better.

It might be hard to express your feeling or the situation you are into the people. However, it might help you to gain a little more hope by telling to your closest ones about your situation. 

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Seek professional help:

The feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness might be a symptom of a mental health issue like depression.

You are concerned about your mental health and your feelings of hopelessness last more than two weeks then you should talk to someone.

A mental health professional can help you assess your needs and provide some of the treatment options to you such as talk therapy, medication or as per your condition.

These kinds of issues are easily treatable and will also help you feel more hopeful about your life and future.

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