Lord Protect Me from My Negative Friends

How Lord Protect Me from My Negative Friends

Friendship is among the greatest gifts that come from Lord. You’re blessed when you find genuine friends who stick with you throughout the way. Being a part of their support system can help you grow more successfully.

But, not all friends are good and should be maintained. Negative friends can turn you into the wrong person. They’ll influence you negatively. Additionally, they’ll prevent you from reaching your goals since they distract you.

How do you know when your friend needs a break? How do you tell if Lord has instructed you to cut ties with someone? It is possible to look up the following indications:

  1. The Friendship is Bringing You Temptations.

If this friendship makes you want to commit crimes against your morals and conscience, it’s not worth keeping.

For instance, if you are married and your spouse’s friend suggests you be flirty with someone else just for amusement, it’s an indication. You may have had a difficult time with the use of alcohol previously and aren’t looking to get returning to it. The person who will suggest you take an occasional cheat day once the course of time is not great business.

  1. The Friendship is Causing You to Sin.

It’s enough to be tempted; however, if a person can convince you to make a mistake, it is time to let go. If you’ve committed to living a good life to the Lord, Then you should be aware of not sinning. You should stay clear of temptations and eliminate any person or thing that could make you fail. If you suspect that Satan uses your friend to guide you into sin, you should cut that friendship off to safeguard your soul.

  1. Friendship is Giving You Stress More Often Than Not.

It is possible to declare that a friendship does not come from the Lord when it doesn’t benefit you in any way. If your companion makes you feel sick, it’s time to separate yourself from the person. It’s not good for your mental or emotional health and makes it difficult to work.

What do you do when a relationship puts you in a state of stress? You have a problem when you and your companion keep disputing certain things. Another issue is that you constantly criticize each other, which creates a toxic relationship. Perhaps the friend does not care about your privacy and is now invading your space and stealing your belongings without permission.

  1. The friendship distracts you from your Goals.

Lord desires that you achieve your goals. He likes you to follow your goals in this world, and the goals or dreams within your heart are a part of the process. But, the wrong type of friendship can hinder your progress towards your goal. How?

Friends who aren’t yours will distract you with their activities and activities that aren’t directly related to your goal. For instance, they may suggest that it’s OK to have a good time now and then and then realize you’ve wasted so much time. Also, they could influence you to go in different directions that seem more appealing.

  1. Friendship is Focused on Benefiting the Other Person.

Lord will not allow you to be abused by others. While He loves kindness and goes that extra mile to help others, He doesn’t want anyone to manipulate you.

If you believe that your so-called friend is working with you to benefit themselves, It’s a warning signal to be aware of. What proof do you have? They might be helpful to you when they need assistance. But, if you require someone to call, there is no one to be found.

  1. Friendship is Ruining Your Other Relationships.

If you’ve been in conflicts with your family members, partner, or friends due to that particular person, you need to start contemplating. There may be something in your relationship that is irritating others in your life. They most likely view the person as having a negative impression of you. They may be able to feel that the person is inflicting a negative influence on them.

Lord will want you to be attentive to your other relationships, too. He would like you to be an example to those you love. If others around you do not perceive Christlikeness in you due to the other person you have in your life, the Lord isn’t happy with that relationship either. Jesus is adamant that His followers be peacemakers, which means you need to be friendly with others.

  1. The Friendship Has Hurt You or Broken Your Trust Many Times.

Even your family wouldn’t want you to remain close to someone who has repeatedly hurt or betrayed you times. Also, Lord, your Father in heaven, would not want to keep you in friendship with someone likely to harm you.

Be truthful if you know your friend can’t trust you. Don’t be compelled to remain loyal to your friend. Instead, it is better to start ensuring you keep a distance between both of you to shield yourself from a possible attack in the near future.

  1. Friendship is Not Something You Can Rely on in Times of Need.

In no. 5. Lord will not allow you to be abused or abused by others. Therefore, if your supposed friend is always around for meetings but does not ever help you to help you, the Lord likely wants to break up the relationship. True friends are not only there for fun or good moments. They will come to you whenever you’re down.

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