How To Draw Tiger Drawing For Kids

How To Draw Tiger Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids entertaining homework with a tigers theme is a great way for kids who want to draw to hone their artistic abilities. These engaging and entertaining exercises can be implemented into the classroom by teachers and parents. This is among the most effective ways to teach kids about tigers. These coloring and sketching exercises help foster children’s inventiveness and creativity. Engaging in these activities at a young age will quicken a child’s development.

Simple Children’s Tiger Drawings

Drawings and coloring books are excellent tools for introducing children to new ideas. Since these activities teach kids new things, they like participating in them. Little children might benefit from basic activities like painting and drawing cartoon and video game characters, which can be assigned by parents and teachers. Children can use BYJU’s easy tiger painting project to learn more about tigers and other wild animals. Among other things, you might learn more about their morphologies, colors, and food preferences.

Kids can experiment with different paintbrushes, crayons, and colored pencils when drawing tigers. Additionally, they can learn some basic information about the different kinds of wild organisms. Tiger Drawings by Children Teaching kids to draw tigers is a fun method to help them realize how important it is to preserve these magnificent creatures. They belong to one of the world’s most endangered animal species, even though they are the most well-known member of the family.

Simple Drawing of a Tiger

The Planet Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that just approximately 40% of the tigers that formerly roamed the earth still do so. The two main causes are unlawful hunting and the consequences of climate change.

Although there are still roughly 3,900 tigers in the wild, more needs to be done to protect this endangered species.

Let’s look at some kid-drawn tigers.

There are just six simple steps involved in making engaging paper tigers for children. You may get this painting lesson about tigers by downloading it. For parents and art teachers who homeschool their kids and want to teach them how to draw tigers, this is ideal. Kids might enjoy drawing a bright tiger, and don’t forget to include some interesting details. Remember to adhere to the instructions provided in the free PDF download.


  • A pen.
  • Draw on paper with crayons or colored pencils.
  • A white marker is not required.
  • PDF version of the children’s tiger drawing (see the lesson footer)
  • We’ll learn how to draw a tiger on paper for kids in today’s guided session. Each step of the training will emphasize the importance of each element. The blue lines indicate the sections that are being sketched at each stage.
  • It takes twenty minutes to complete.

Children’s Simple Step-by-Step Guidelines for Drawing Tigers:

  • First, draw the tiger’s head as a rounded, fuzzy shape. Draw two oval forms for the eyes after that. Next, use the nose to create an oval shape. Draw a circle on either side of the nose. The bottom of its mouth should then be formed by a line that curves upward.Put on your headphones.
  • On the tiger’s skull, draw two spherical shapes with diagonal lines.
  • Remember to add the body and tail as well.
  • Draw the tiger’s body as a long, curving line. Using the tiger’s body as support, create a little, curved S.
  • Legs Drawn,
  • Sketch the tiger’s legs, highlighting the joint with its lower body.
  • Sketch the tiger’s stripes.
  • Start by drawing a line horizontally across the tiger’s cheeks. This will result in a pattern of sharp, narrow shapes covering the tiger’s body. This gives the impression that youTigerer’s drawing has striped fur.
  • Draw the Tiger from beginning to end.
  • Let’s now add some color to finish Tigerer’s illustration! First, paint the nose with a pink crayon. Using a cream colored crayon, draw in its stomach, the insides of its ears, the bottoms of its paws, and the bottoms of its face.
  • The tiger’s stripes can then be drawn using a dark brown crayon. Next, use an oratiger’syon to color the remaining portion of the tiger’s body.

Obtain a PDF of the children’s drawing:

You may watch or download this drawing lesson by clicking the link below. Kids’ Drawings of Tigers offers a free PDF drawing tutorial. The last page of the downloaded PDF has a coloring page with just the outlines and an activity for kids to practice their creative extension.