What Motivates You

How to find What Motivates You in Life?

You may have heard the phrase “know yourself.” Understanding yourself is key to a happy and successful life, and understanding your motivations is a way to understand yourself better. Motivation, which is what motivates you in life, can be defined as the driving force behind your actions.

It is the reason why you do what you do, the fuel that propels you forward. Whether it’s achieving your goals, helping others, making a difference, or pursuing your passions, knowing what motivates you is crucial.

It helps you set meaningful objectives, stay focused, and overcome obstacles along the way. By identifying your motivations, you can align your actions and decisions with your deepest desires and values, creating a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

So, take the time to reflect on what truly motivates you in life, and use that knowledge to guide your path towards happiness and success.

There is no movement without progress.

Most people are so busy taking action that it is challenging to discuss motivation.

It is easy to know that you have a goal in mind and are ready to work hard to reach it.

This approach is possible, but it is not the best.

If you don’t know your motivations in life, your only option is to use your willpower to achieve your goals.

Willpower is a finite resource, and this is why less than 20% of people achieve their resolutions.

To be among the 20% who succeed in changing their lives, you need to use more than willpower, and a plan must be designed to maximize your strengths.

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It is essential to know what motivates you in life.

A person who is focused on their career will care more about the job title than the salary.

This person will not be motivated by a higher salary but by the same title.

They would be more motivated to accept a position if you offered the same person a higher-paying title.

It is essential to understand what motivates you because your actions must be connected to your beliefs.

When someone feels their life is in peril, there must be an expectation that they will act accordingly.

It must be consistent between the actions taken and the motivation behind them.

Simply put, you want your actions and results to be the same as what you have set out to do.

These are the things that will help you discover your motivations in life.

  • It would be a great deal if you could do it for free.

You will be able to make a lot of money if you’re lucky. This is not always true, and many people have never made a living doing what their passions are. Vincent Van Gogh is today regarded as one of history’s greatest artists.

Did he sell just one painting throughout his entire life?

His art was only appreciated by people a few years later. Van Gogh was a painter and didn’t care if people bought his paintings.

Van Gogh was motivated by his art and not how people viewed it. Van Gogh painted his love of painting.

  • It’s always in your mind.

What are you thinking about when you wake up from a sleepless night? Sometimes life is so fast that you forget to listen to your inner voice.

Keep a notebook close by to record your thoughts every day when you get up. 

These clues will help you discover what motivates and inspires you.

You can keep your notebook close at hand and write down any thoughts throughout the day, including what motivates you in life.

By jotting down your thoughts and reflections, you can gain insight into your deepest motivations and desires.

As you fill in the pages of your notebook, you should begin to notice commonalities. Pay attention to the recurring themes and ideas that arise.

These patterns can provide valuable clues about what truly motivates you.

However, your inner thoughts are not the only source of motivation. It’s important to consider what you enjoy doing in your life.

Take a moment to reflect on the activities or hobbies that bring you joy and fulfillment. What topics do you find yourself frequently discussing with your family and friends?

Are there particular subjects that you engage in conversations with the bag person or cashier at the grocery store? These interactions can offer insights into your passions and motivations.

By exploring your thoughts, interests, and conversations, you are likely to uncover something that truly ignites your passion and serves as a driving force in your life.

Recognizing and embracing these motivations can bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment to your daily pursuits.

So, keep your notebook handy, observe your thoughts, and pay attention to the topics and activities that energize and inspire you.

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  • Learning can be a lonely pursuit.

Do you have a few activities that you can’t get enough of?

Are there ones that you lose track of time doing?

These are indicators that you might have found something that motivates and inspires you.

These are signs that you may have found something motivating and inspiring.

Motivation is when you feel compelled to act. You should pay attention to why you feel obliged or forced to work when you feel motivated.

  • It’s possible to list the most fulfilling times of your life.

Self-reflection is a powerful way to identify what motivates and inspires you. Consider the moments in your life where you were most proud of yourself.

This could be the moment you scored your first home run or when you got hired for your dream job.

Write down these moments on a piece of paper, no matter what they are. Look through your list to see if there are any commonalities.

Did you spend time with your family, helping others, or performing in front of them?

These are clues about what drives you in your life, no matter what you do.

Once you have identified the commonalities between what motivates you, you can take action to confirm.

Find a way that you love to express your creativity. You may have a specific type of creativity that you are inspired by.

You will find others who are driven to help those in need. Volunteer if you think you are passionate about helping others, and you will be amazed at how it makes you feel.

You do not like helping just anyone but a specific cause you are passionate about.

This activity does not aim to evaluate your motivations but to help you explore them.

  • You Would Do It Even If Nobody Were Watching

Society tells you that certain things are good ideas. Society will tell you what school to go to, what major you should pursue, and where you should live.

Some choices are prestigious and well-received, and there is also a lesser-known path that is less well-known.

Only you know the answer to “Why am I on that path?”.

Are you following the path that will earn you a pat on your back from your family or friends?

Are you following a way few people can understand?

It is said that you are what you do even when no one is looking at you. You will get your reward if you act to be recognized by others in your life.

If you feel compelled to act according to your inner purpose in life, you will be doing what you love.

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