How to stop feeling worried about the future

How to stop feeling worried about the future

Are you having the fear of the future? 

Firstly, you have to understand the reality that no one knows what the future holds and there is no chance for anyone to predict or control.

Worrying is a total waste of your valuable time and energy.

Worrying about the future may consider as a natural response to most situations for unknowns and challenges.

But anticipatory anxiety or chronic worrying can be troublesome when they start to impact your day-to-day life and may cause an inability to function freely.  

If worrying about the future starts to interrupt your productivity or your mood, then it is the right time to stop worrying by following some of the simple techniques.

Some of the worries are normal particularly when it comes to meeting, events, people, and people that are more important.

Most people may don’t even know how to stop worrying about the future completely,

here are some of the ideas to help you better manage that worry,

Practice Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is a human ability that helps to allow the mind to focus only on the present moment.

Mindfulness is one of the ways of practice to achieve a state of alert and the main goal is to focus on relaxation without judgment and paying attention deliberately to control your thoughts, sensations and emotions. 

Anxiety about the future makes you waste a lot of time by imagining worst-case scenarios.

You have to take a look around and use all your senses to notice and describe your surroundings immediately and can ask yourself ‘why should I worry why should I fear’.

It is one of the best ways to pull you from the future fear to the present moment. 

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Do Deep Breathing:

Did you ever notice your breathing at the time you are worrying? Try to notice on the next time when experiencing worrisome thoughts about future and check in with your breathing. 

Chronic worrying can lead to serious health issues if you let it extend into the long term.

It may cause your breathing to become shallow. Deep breathing can help you to decrease anxious thoughts and make you relax from getting out of worry mode.

You can some techniques to engage deep breaths and cue relaxation. 

  • 4 4 4 breathing technique – You have to take a deep breath in, to a count of four through your nose and hold it for four-count and let the breath out to a count of four through your mouth or nose. Repeat this technique at least 4 times.
  • Oxytocin Breathing – Oxytocin is a hormone usually known for releasing the emotions of love, trust, and other feelings. It helps to releases the Oxytocin hormone into your brain. Sit upright and just inhale the air till filling up your abdomen and hold it for 8 seconds and release it slowly. Repeat this for some times.

Deep breathing helps you get rid of future anxiety. 

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Express Extra Gratitude:

Everyone knows and aware of the fact that constant worry may create negative feelings and thoughts.

Gratitude does the opposite exact to that and thus create positive thoughts. It is not possible for a human brain to think positive and negative thoughts at the same time.

Gratitude helps you to get out from the fear of future. It is something you can do anytime and anywhere, just take a look around and notice the things you are having and you are grateful for.

Even when you woke up in the middle of the night because of worry or fear, then just list the things you are grateful for and it works like a charm.

Gratitude is the best technique to replace the negative thoughts that worry causes. 

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Do relaxation activities:

You should try to spend your time in relaxing activities like yoga, exercise, meditation and many more that are the best ways to reduce worrying and anxiety.

These relaxing activities not only help you physically but also maximizes good mood, emotional well-being, increases self-compassion and a clearer mind.

These activities are considered to be good for people of all age groups. Whenever you are scared of the future you can start doing relaxation activities to get rid out of the fear.

These are the techniques that help you stop feeling about the future and help you to reclaim your valuable time and make you productive. 

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