Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Success Story

Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Success Story

Colonel Sanders Quote

Nothing in this world is difficult

Even then people break their intentions,

If you want to get something with a sincere heart,

So the stars also leave their place.

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This success story is about a man who struggled all his life, shrugged off the failure and troubles, yet did not give up and continued his efforts and set an example of success in his last days, whoever hears a finger under his finger Will suppress.

This is the story of Colonel Harold Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken Company.

He was born on September 9, 1890, in Henryville, a city in Indiana. His father’s name was David Sanders and Ma’s name was Margaret Sanders. Apart from him, he also had a younger brother and a younger sister.

Everything was going well in his house but suddenly in 1895, his father died due to high fever in the heat of the day.

At that time Sanders was only 5 years old, after the father’s death, the financial condition of the house was deteriorating due to which the mother of Sanders had to work outside the factory.

And the responsibility of looking after his brother Behan came upon Sanders at such a young age. His mother Margaret also taught him without food in those difficult days.

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And at the age of 7, we also became an expert in cooking food. He loved cooking chicken from the beginning.

In 1902, Ma from Saunders remarried to a man named William Bradet, then his entire family moved to the Greenwood area of ​​Indiana. Sanders’ stepfather hated Sanders a lot.

Because of which they did not have good relations. And because of these reasons, Harold Sanders left his house and then came to live in the field.

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After leaving home, he also missed his studies. At the age of 13, he came to the city of Polaris, Indiana, where he started painting on a horse cart. After a few days, he left work and came to Albany, Indiana in 1906 and started living with his uncle.

His uncle used to work for a street car company and due to him, Saunders got the job of the conductor. Meanwhile, he also worked as a fireman in railways.

While working as a fireman, he met a girl named Josephine, whom he married in 1909 at the age of 19.

He had 1 boy and 2 girls from Joseph, now it seemed that the life of the Sanders is now returning to the track.

Then he quit his job after a fight with a colleague and after that his wife also left him with his children.

This had a profound effect on his heart. They were breaking day by day. But he took care of himself and started looking for a job, he started doing different things and started keeping his stomach, he did a lot of business but everywhere he failed.

In 1929, Saunders moved to Corbyn, a small town in the state of Kentucky, and opened a gas station on Route 25 of the United States, and also opened a Chhotsa restaurant next to it, where he started making special types of fried chicken.

Which started to be liked by the people. Due to the likes of people, he thought of making that business even bigger.

And to run the hotel well, did an 8-week hotel management course from Cornell University.

The Governor of Chicken Kentucky, made by Harold Sanders, liked the fact that he gave the title of Colonel to the Sanders, and from that onwards, the Colonel of Harland Sanders started joining.

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In 1937, Saunders tried to start some more branches of his hotel, but his attempt was also unsuccessful.

And in a few years, due to the construction of the highway, the restaurant was also closed, the capital accumulated in a few days was also exhausted. Now his age was 62 years and he had done nothing except to feed his whole life.

But he had complete faith in the research of his chicken. He went out of marketing with his issues and chicken. After that they started meeting different restaurants, but whoever did not support them.

They ate around 1000 restaurants. And after that, he got his first customer. But after that Harold Sander never looked back and left his unique chicken recipe in sight.

Today Colonel Sanders KFC 118 has 18875 branches in the country. The first Kafka was opened in 1952 in the UK.

Ultimately, after achieving additional success, 16 Decks in 1980, at the age of 90, Harold Sanders died in Kentucky, USA.

When people retire at the age of 60 and spend a life of comfort, even at an older age, the Sanders did not give up and by their own efforts showed nothing is impossible.

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