Luck is Nothing but Karma is Everything

Luck is Nothing but Karma is Everything

Friends, this story is based on a true incident. This story is about a student who gave a message to the society that no matter what the circumstances are.

If we have the courage to overcome it, then no problem will be great. Also, with hard work, every hard floor can also be reached.

So let’s go to a new Story on Hard Work.

This story is about a student who was from a very poor family. He also had to work hard for two days’ bread.

That student was very poor, but Khudar too was very. He used to pay his school fees, books and everything from his earnings. Even if he has to sleep on an empty stomach for one night.

That student always used to do some work and used to collect money for school fees.

That student was also good in studies. Seeing the honesty and goodness of the student, some school children started to envy him.

Once those children thought of implicating that student in a robbery charge. He went to the school principal and complained to the student that he always steals money of others.

He stole money and paid school fees and bought books. The children asked the principal to give appropriate punishment to the student.

The principal told the children that they would investigate this matter and if found guilty, he would also get appropriate punishment.

When the principal found out about the student, he came to know that that student works in the garden in Mali after school in his spare time.

The money he gets from that work, he pays his school fees and buys books from it.

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The next day, the principal called the child in front of everyone and asked him ‘Why do you not forgive your school fees if you have so much trouble’.

The student replied that if ‘I can help myself, why should I consider myself helpless and get the fees waived.

After all, parents of other children also pay the fees only after working hard, so I also work hard and submit my fees, what is wrong with it. Anyway, you have taught that karma is the greatest worship.

On hearing these things of the student, the head of the principal too became high in pride and other children felt ashamed.

Yes, we are talking about the great writer Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Growing up, this student also came to be known as Sadanand Chattopadhyay. Sadanand Chattopadhyay got the post of Director of Education Organization of Bengal.

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Story summary

From this story we get the lesson that one should always believe in his actions.

Instead of relying on others, you should work hard to achieve success and move forward.

The hardworking and honest person always touches the heights of highs.

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