Killer Introduction

How to Make a Killer Introduction

No matter how good your content is it is always important to have engaging headlines to lure the readers into your site. You can find millions of guides and material on how to write an excellent heading, but what about the introduction.

When a title increases the click rates of blogs or articles, a killer introduction makes them read the entire piece or blog post. By denying the art of compelling the readers to complete the whole article, you are losing many potential promoters, subscribers, and leads, and paying customers.

According to a report, among people who have landed on an article, more than 10 percent of them don’t scroll down. The secret to making more people is by writing a killer introduction.

Let us See How You can Structure an Introduction

1. Keep the first sentence short and crisp

Readers always love Short sentences. The short sentences are packed with power as they are readable, digestible, and punchy. However, the intentions of starting article writers go for long and distorted sentences.

The readers shouldn’t have a tough time understanding your article, especially the beginning. Go for bite-sized sentences at the start of the post.

2. Write something unusual

You might hear many sources say to create the hook and take hold of the reader’s attention. But what should you do to grab the attention? Many things are there that you can try, but the most rewarding is to try something unusual.

The first sentence has to be odd enough to make you rush to the following line. Starting with an expected and boring line might lead you to lose some potential customers.

3. Let the introduction be brief

 You don’t have a set blueprint for the blueprint structure and how long it should be. But if you look at human attention span, it is a little higher than goldfish.

Once they enter the site, readers are hungry for the meat of the article. Instead of burying the information deep in the article, feed it to them crisply in the introduction.

4. Don’t repeat the title

You need not mention the title once again in the introduction as the reader has already read your title. You can use the chance to reinforce the title and remind your readers.

5. Make use of “you” at least once

The word “you” assures the readers that you, the author write the article them in mind. It gives them the thought that you care for them, and the article is for their solution. It is a crucial and straightforward trick that connects your item with the customers.

6. Write 1-2 sentences articulating the subject of the article

The line that tells the reader about what the article about is called the thesis. The thesis gives the reader an idea about what they will learn in the paper and what they can expect.

This line helps set the reader’s expectations and helps them decide whether they want to read the full article or catch up on some points. You can use a lot of variations to enlighten the readers, such as:

  • This article is about
  • In this article, I’ll talk about
  • This article explains
  • Here is everything you need to know about
  • And more

7. Establish why the article is important

It is obvious to you why the article is crucial while it is not the same for your readers. Establish how the information in the report helps the reader. Compel your readers that the data is inevitable for their life.

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8. Mention a concern or problems the readers might experience

Suppose you can include some pain points, well and better. Every person has their set of concerns. Mention some problems that your prospective customer might face.

Also, give some suggestions and awareness for those problems. People are on the constant lookout for solutions for their problems. If your blog offers that solution, you are sure to raise the bar.

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9. Know the right way to tell stories

You might have come across many sources mentioning that you should write a story in the introduction. In general, the story is a great way to attract people but make sure you don’t take the wrong route of storytelling.

Include a story to kindle curiosity in the readers and empathize with it. However, don’t get too involved with your story and deviate from the essence of the article.

Bottom line

Next time when tar writing a blog post or article, remember the points mentioned above and never fail to grab the reader’s attention.

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