Story of Success why did Eagle do this

Motivational Story of Success why did Eagle do this

This inspirational stories are the motivational thoughts that inspire, motivate and motivate you to show off – which gives you courage and hope to achieve the goal. These inspiring stories create a positive world of mind so that we can take our first steps towards success.

At the turning age of every hawk, there comes a time where the first two paths are easy and quick to solve before them, the third path is difficult and painful but the hawk chooses and starts from Hawk’s rebirth.

“”Friends, there are many such occasions in our life when we have to face many problems, many people struggle ahead in life and many give up their lives and give themselves up to death by giving up their difficulties. And we do not exist ourselves – the world salutes those who write their own works, it is not only human but in nature it happens to every living being.””

So let us know a truth related to the hawk’s life, after which you will learn to face the difficulties by leaving an easy life ..

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Normally a hawk lives for 70 years, but he has to take an important decision by the time he reaches the age of 40, because at this stage of his age, the three major parts of his body become lifeless.

First – the claws become long and flexible due to which it is difficult to catch the prey.

Second- the beak is turned forward due to which it is difficult to swallow food.

Third – the wings become heavy and do not open completely, so that they do not fly high and limit flying.

In this way, finding food – catching food – eating food starts losing its edge.

So now, to get rid of these difficulties, the falcon has only three ways –

First – either he leaves his body or depends on the food left behind by others like vulture or he re-establishes himself as the king of the sky.

So now with the falcon where the two paths are very simple, the third path is difficult and painful.

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The hawk chooses pain.

And gives full strength to make him back as before.

He goes to a high mountain, becomes his slave in seclusion and then starts the whole process of making himself .

First of all he breaks his beak on the rock with pain .. then he waits for his new beak to grow, after that he breaks his claws in the same way and waits for the claw to rise again of coming.

Thus, after some time, the new hawk’s new beak and claws start coming again and now that hawk scraps its heavy feathers one by one and then waits for the feather to rise again. In this way, after 150 days of agony and waiting, now he gets a new life again.

Fills like a sky king again

 In this way, after a very difficult and painful path, Chun has a new birth again, in this way he has lived for 30 more years with full energy honor and dignity ..

So God also helps those who help themselves. Keep on chasing my heart

Similarly, there are such turns in the life of a human being when he has three paths, either he compromises with life and death.

Or you are entering your comfort zone for the rest of your life….

Or, by choosing the difficult path to achieve the goal of your life, to establish yourself at the height of success….

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