Story of Success why did Eagle do this

Motivational Story of Success why did Eagle do this

no further than the inspirational tales of the hawk! These stories create a positive mindset that can help you take your first steps towards success.

At a certain age, every hawk is faced with a difficult decision. The first two paths are easy and quick, but the third path is difficult and painful.

However, the hawk chooses to take this path and starts on the journey to rebirth.

In life, we often face many struggles and problems. While some people give up and let their difficulties defeat them, those who succeed are the ones who write their own stories.

This is true not only for humans, but for all living beings in nature.

Let’s take a closer look at the life of a hawk to learn a valuable lesson about facing difficulties. Typically, a hawk lives for 70 years, but by the time it reaches 40 years of age, three major parts of its body become lifeless.

The claws become long and flexible, making it difficult to catch prey. The beak is turned forward, making it hard to swallow food. And the wings become heavy and do not open fully, limiting flight.

To overcome these challenges, the hawk has three options: give up and die, rely on the leftovers of others like a vulture, or reclaim its position as king of the sky. The first two options are easy, but the third is difficult and painful. However, the hawk chooses to take the path of pain and works hard to restore itself to its former glory.

The hawk goes to a high mountain and becomes a recluse, breaking its beak and claws on rocks and waiting for them to grow back. It also sheds its heavy feathers and waits for them to regrow. After 150 days of agony and waiting, the hawk emerges as a new bird, ready to fly high again.

In this way, the hawk is reborn and lives another 30 years with energy, honor, and dignity. So, remember that God helps those who help themselves. When you face difficult turns in life, you have three options: compromise with life and death, stay in your comfort zone, or choose the difficult path to achieve your goals and establish yourself at the height of success. Keep chasing your dreams!

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