Motivational Story_ Poor Boy and Lord Buddha

Motivational Story: Poor Boy and Lord Buddha

There was such a poor boy that he used to roam everyday to eat and used to collect food from somewhere. But his food disappeared every day. One day he comes to know that a mouse steals his food.

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So he caught that rat and asked him that you know I am so poor, yet you steal my food. If you have to steal then why not steal any rich person? So that mouse said that your luck has written only a few things.

No matter how much you try, no matter how much you try, you cannot keep it with you. The boy was shocked to know how this could happen.

So the rat said that if you have to know what is written in your destiny, then you have to go to God Buddha, he can tell you what is in your destiny.

So the boy set out to meet Lord Buddha. It was too late to walk, so on the way he saw a mansion and got permission from that family to stay for one night.

The mansion asked the boy that he was being asked on such a night, so he said that I am going to Buddha, to ask about my fate.

So the people of the haveli said that you will ask Lord Buddha our question too? We have a 14-year-old girl who cannot speak, so what to do so that her voice can be heard.

The boy said he would definitely ask your question and he said thank you to him and left there in the morning.

On the way ahead there were very big snow mountains, he climbed the mountain with great difficulty, he found a magician there, he asked the boy that he was going. So he said that I am going to Lord Buddha. To ask about your luck.

So the magician said if you will ask Lord Buddha my question, I have been doing penance for thousands of years so that I can go to heaven and according to me, you should have gone to heaven by now.

So what should I do to go to heaven? The boy said that okay I ask your question to Buddha. The magician had a stick, with the help of that stick, the boy reached across the mountain of snow.

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When he moved forward, he used to choose very big in front of him. There was a very big river which he himself could not cross. Then he met the giant turtle. The turtle agreed to take him.

Then the turtle also asked him the same question, where are you going? So when he told everything, the turtle also asked a question.

I have been trying to become a Drager for 500 years but I have not been able to do so, so what should I do so that I can become a Drager?

The boy said I will definitely ask your question. The turtle placed the boy on his back and carried him across the river.

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Eventually the boy reached Lord Buddha. There were many people there. Buddha said that only 3 questions of a person will be answered. The boy was shocked. Because he had to ask 4 questions.

He started thinking that he should ask 3 questions. He thought of the turtle that the turtle has been trying to become a drager for 500 years.

The magician has been doing penance for going to heaven for 1000 years. And how can that girl leave her life without speaking.

Then thought of myself that I was just poor. I can spend my life even by asking for it.

But the problems of tortoise, magician and girl are much bigger than my troubles.

So the boy asked his 3 questions to Lord Buddha.

The Buddha replied that the tortoise has been trying to become a dragher for 500 years but is not ready to give up its armor. He will not be a Drager until he leaves the armor.

The same magician will not leave his wand till then he will not be able to go to heaven. And when the girl does not find her soul mate then she will not be able to speak.

Hearing this, the boy came back to the turtle and told him everything, the turtle removed his armor. As soon as the armor was removed, precious pearls came out of it and the turtle gave it to the boy and he became Drager.

Then went to the magician and told the whole thing, the magician gave his magic wand to the boy and he went to heaven.

After that the boy went to the same mansion where he had spent the night. When she got there, the girl came and said that you had come to our mansion that night, right? In this way the boy got money, power and a beautiful soul mate.

One has to give something to get something in life. When the magician gave a stick, he got heaven. Similarly, to do something big in life one has to come out of his Comfort zone.

Most of the ship is on shore but the ship is not made for shore. It is made to move through the waves in the sea.

Therefore, to do something big in life, one has to take the risk. And if you feel that there is a lot of problem in your life, then take a look at those people who do not have a home to live, there is no bread to eat.

No one can see, no one can walk, no one can speak. Is your problem bigger than their problem?

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