Problems occur in everyone's life, we are not alone

Problems occur in Everyone’s Life, we are not Alone

In the Mahabharata, Karna asked Shri Krishna, “My mother abandoned me at birth, was it my crime that I was born as an illegitimate child?

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Dornacharya refused to teach me because he did not consider me a Kshatriya, was this my fault?

Parshuram gave me education and also cursed that I would forget my education because he considered me to be Kshatriya.

By accident, a cow died on the way of my arrow and I got curse of cow slaughter?

In Draupadi’s Swayamvara, I was humiliated, because I was not considered a nobleman of any royal family. Even my mother Kunti accepted the truth of me being her son to protect her other sons.

Duryodhana got mercy as I got! So is it wrong that I keep my loyalty to Duryodhana .. ??

Shri Krishna said smiling dimly – “Karna, I was born in jail. My death was waiting for me before I was born. I had to separate from my parents the night I was born.

Your childhood was spent in chariots, horses’ snarling and arrows in the shadows.

I grazed the cows and raised the dung. When I could not even walk, there were fatal attacks on me.

No army, no education, no gurukul, no palace, my maternal uncle considered me his greatest enemy.

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When you all used to get praise from your guru and society for your bravery, I did not even have education at that time.

On growing up, I had the opportunity to visit the ashram of sage Sandipani. You got an opportunity to marry a girl of your choice, I did not even get one that lived in my soul.

I had to marry a lot for political reasons or from women whom I had rescued from demons!

Due to the outbreak of Jarasandha, I had to move my family from Yamuna and settle in the remote province by the sea.

The world called me a coward. If Duryodhana had won the war, you would have got the credit for victory, but Arjun got the credit for winning the war of Dharmaraja!

The Kauravas considered me responsible for their defeat. Hey Karna! Nobody’s life is devoid of choices.

Not everything goes well in everyone’s life. If there were some deficiencies in Duryodhana, some were also in Yudhishtar. What is truth and what is fair?

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 We determine ourselves by the voice of our soul! It does not matter how many times injustice is done to us, it does not matter how many times we are insulted, no matter how many times our rights are violated.

The difference only comes from how we face them all .. !!

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Be Positive

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