Reasons why Deleting Social Media Helps you Study Better

Reasons why deleting social media helps you study better

Not planning to quit social media during exams?

Here are 5 Reasons why deleting social media helps you study better.

Preparing for exams today is much more trickier than before. 20 years back, students did not face interruptions from smartphones and social media apps or any gadget for that matter. The environment was simpler and more accurate for students.

No, we aren’t blaming Technology or you for this disaster. Sit back and hear us!

While there exist technology-oriented distractions, there are too many advantages which aren’t hidden from us.

Technology has definitely created a new method of studying- brought ease in accessing and disseminating information and not to mention made remote learning a reality.

The period of the pandemic is solid proof!

Yet, it cannot be denied that the same technology which made online learning a cakewalk has also posed as a disturbance for many students, especially students preparing for competitive exams. 

In case you are wondering why we don’t blame you and consciously trying to not make you guilty for poor concentration, then here is your answer.

Social dilemma a reality and a threat 

Quite recently, a mind-boggling movie, featured on Netflix shattered our social media craze. Any guesses? 

Absolutely, it was The Social Dilemma, which left millions of online users questioning themselves. 

While addiction is not at all a new subject, but this social media & networking documentary movie completely blew us away by introducing us to all the dirty secrets of the social media world and how these platforms have been morphed to gain a user base which technically germinates on human addiction.

Sadly, how much ever we wish to distance ourselves from social media, the dark side of this platform will find us and pull us in every direction.

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In simple words, even if a student sincerely tries to get rid of the smartphone, the social media apps push notifications draws his/her attention and keeps them engaged for as long as possible.

the social media apps push notifications draws his/her attention

And, this cycle of looking at the first notification and getting attracted to the subsequent activities eats up a good 30 minutes to an hour. Now you know where this is going?

Well, of course getting out of the social media world is next to impossible and also not encouraged unless you plan to socially aloof yourself and leave an austere life of that of a saint. Funny but true, even great saints are a part of social media nowadays. 

So you may not jump out of social media but take a pause when there’s an important exam approaching.

Here are 5 practical tricks which have been tested and tried by several students that can get you ready for exams without getting distracted by your Facebook notifications.

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5 Practical Tricks for Distraction-Free Study

  • Flight mode at rescue

Your fight mode is not just meant for the flight but an excellent way to switch off the phone without actually switching it off.

Do this for the entire time you study and the rest of the hours are media time for you.

Word of caution: Always inform someone responsible before you do so. 

  • Change the game
Change the game

Have you tried relaxing by taking a walk or playing a sport or doing yoga? Of course you have!

And, it actually helped you relax, instead of that smartphone of yours.

As matter of fact, you can replace your time on social media with outdoor activities and see the positive repercussions.

  • Cut off ties
log out of all social media apps

Simple and sweet, log out of all social media apps for at least 1-2 months, till your exam. Let peace enter your life. We bet you won’t regret it! 

  • Old school is cool
Old school is cool

This may sound absurd but cutting off completely from the world is often a challenging and stressful thing to do.

Why not choose a basic phone with no functionalities and use it for calling as when you have time in your calendar.

In fact, you will know who are those few friends and loved ones who prefer to call and check on you rather than texting to find out your whereabouts. 

  • Bye Bye Apps
Bye Bye Apps

Like it or not, our personal favourite is and will be uninstalling distracting apps.

The idea is not to have any toxicity during the course of preparation. Every minute and second you spend on your reading material is crucial.

Specifically, the last 2-3 months before the D-day can make or break your ambitions. The lesser apps and trash you have in your phone the better concentration you can build. 

A student’s mind is anyway burdened with so many stressful thoughts of future events. 

Will I clear the paper? Will I get that dream job? Will I be able to face parents? And the list goes on. 

In such circumstances, it is wise to let go off all other unwanted distractions and purely focus on the preparation material and take guidance from experienced and empathetic friends and seniors.

The rest of the world can and will wait for you on social media. 

Don’t get trapped in the social media frenzy, make choices wisely and do as the time demands not what the heart does. 

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