Story of Success from 2 Rupees to 500 Corers

Story of Success from 2 Rupees to 500 Corers

Friends do not get any great success or success night and night, for that, hard work, and struggles have to be done day and night and then success is achieved.

Behind every big success there is a huge Sanghras hidden. But this day and night, they are said to have got the power to do sanghars, “This power is given by motivation. Inspired. Like motivational stories

Travel from Rs 2 to 500 crores – such an example of success that fires success in the chest

Travel from Rs 2 to 500 crores - such an example of success that fires success in the chest

Today we are going to tell you the story of such a girl. She not only belongs to a Dalit society, but has lived her life courageously and courageously despite being full of Sanghras and is the mistress of 500 crore company today.

So let’s know the story of the fighters and successes of his life. So that you too can be inspired through this story and can achieve your life goals (Mukham).

Caste and religion have been a major influence on our society for years. Due to this discrimination, people born in Dalit society had to face injustice and difficulties for years.

The story of Kalpana Saroj is the story of a girl from a Dalit backward society who, since birth, had to be neglected by the society, was married at the age of 12, the boy who was married for 10 years to Saroj.

It was big. Child marriage had to bear the brunt, suffered atrocities of in-laws.

He had to work for two rupees a day and She drank poison for a time to end himself, but today the same Kalpana Saroj is the mistress of 500 crore business.

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Birth of kalpana saroj – kalpana saroj success story

Birth of kalpana saroj

Kalpana was born in a poor Dalit family of Roparkheda, a small village in Akola district, Maharashtra, in 1961.

Kalpana’s father was a police sergeant and his salary was only 300 rupees, in which Kalpana’s 2 brothers – 3 sisters, grandparents, and uncle’s entire family spent.

Thus, as the family grew up, the expenditure of the father’s salary house was not known properly.

Being a police sergeant, his entire family lived in the police quarters (house). Kalpana ji used to go to a nearby government school, she was smart in studies but due to being a Dalit, she had to face neglect of teachers and classmates here too. .

Kalpana ji describes her childhood and says

There was no electricity in our village… there were no amenities… When returning from school in my childhood, I often used to do cow dung, work in the fields and pick wood.”

Kalpana ji married at an early age

In the society from which Kalpana ji belonged, girls were called as “poison ki pudiya”, so it was a practice to reduce their burden by getting girls married early.

When Kalpana ji was 12 years old and studying in the seventh grade, under the pressure of the society, her father gave up her studies and got married to a boy 10 years older than Kalpana ji at the age.

After marriage, she moved to Mumbai where torture was already waiting for her. Thus, She had to suffer persecution of in-laws.

Kalpana Ji told in one of her interviews

My in-laws do not give me food, hold my hair and kill it ruthlessly, treat animals badly. Sometimes I used to get killed with salt in food, sometimes I would get washed if I do not wash my clothes.”

All of this, Kalpana ji’s condition had become so bad that when his father came to meet him after 6 months, seeing his condition, his father decided to take him (Kalpana) back to the village with him and went away. .

Kalpana ji attempted suicide

When the married girl comes to her home, the society looks at her differently. People in the neighborhood used to make tantrums, different kinds of things.

Father also tried to teach again, but where did the girl who had seen so much sadness feel in her studies!

Disillusionment was taking the imagination in every direction from all sides and after suffering all this, she had broken all the way inside, she did not understand anything.

All these events had such a bad effect on her mindset that she now died Had decided She thinks in her mind that it is difficult to live in this society and it is easy to die! She had decided to drink poison in her mind.

She bought three bottles of poisoned poison from somewhere and secretly took it to her aunt and went to her aunt’s house. While Bua was making tea, Kalpana drank all the three bottles together.

When aunt entered the room with tea, she took the cup from her hand. Dropped and fell on the ground… I saw the froth coming out of Kalpana’s mouth! The help of doctors was taken in the chaos…

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it was difficult to escape, but God accepted something else and saved his life!

So, an old man came to Kalpana ji and said! Son, when you were being brought here, I understood that you have drunk poison and now you have escaped out of danger, your father told me that you had tried to commit suicide.

I can understand why you did this. Son, God must make you do something big, you are definitely going to become something in life, so God is giving you so much difficulty in your life, She is testing you.

This is where Kalpana ji’s life changed. She felt that life has given him another chance…. a second chance.

Kalpana ji while giving this one idea says

When I was saved, I thought that if something can be killed, then it is better to live by doing something!”

And she felt a new energy inside her, now she wanted to do something in life.

later than this happening, She try to get a job in many places but due to his young age and low education, no job could be found, so She decided to go to Mumbai.

Kalpana ji elevated with success to move towards Mumbai

At the age of 16, Kalpana ji come to break her uncle in Mumbai. She knew sewing, so Chacha ji took her to work in a cloth mill.

Remembering that day, Kalpana ji says, “I knew how to run the machine well, but I don’t know why the machine did not work with me, so I was given the job of cutting thread, for which I got two rupees daily.”

Kalpana ji worked for a few days to cut the thread, but soon she regained her confidence and started running the machine for which she started getting a quarter to two hundred rupees.

Meanwhile, the father lost his job due to any reason. And the whole family came and lived in Mumbai.

Kalpani’s sister’s death due to poverty

Slowly everything was going well that only then an incident occurred which shook Kalpana ji. His sister became very ill and died one day due to lack of treatment money.

Then Kalpana ji realize that there is one of the largest disease in the earth – that is poverty! And she decided that she would end this disease from her life forever.

Step towards success

Kalpana pledged to eradicate poverty with her life. They put some sewing machines in their small house and started working for 16-16 hours; His habit of working hard continues even today.

Some wealth used to come from stitching work, but they were not enough, so they thought of doing business. But business needs money, so she started trying to get a loan from the government. There was a man in his area who used to get loan.

Kalpana Ji used to be seated in front of her residence at 6 in the break of day. Several days passed but She did not pay any attention to them, but even after 1 month when Kalpana ji did not leave her home, she had to talk.

It was learned from the same man that if a loan of 50 thousand is needed, then 10 thousand of them will have to feed here and there.

Kalpana ji was not ready for this and to deal with such problems, she formed an organization with some people who told people about the schemes and help in getting loan.

Gradually this organization became quite popular and due to working selflessly for the society, Kalpana ji was also recognized by many big people.

Husband’s death

He himself took a loan of Rs 50,000 under the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule scheme run by the Maharashtra government and started a furniture business at the age of 22, in which She got much success and then Kalpana Ji also opened a beauty parlor.

After this Kalpana ji remarried to a steel furniture dealer but in 1989 She left the burden of a daughter and a son and left the world.

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Big success – 2.5 lakh land became 50 lakh

One day Kalpana ji came to a man and asked him to sell his plot for 2.5 lakhs. Kalpana ji said I do not have 2.5 lakhs, she said you give me one lakh now and you will give the rest later.

Kalpana ji give him 1 lakh by ask for his deposit assets and lend but later She came to know that the land is disputed, and nothing can be built on it.

They ran 1.5-2 years to solve all the issues related to that land and the plot costing 2.5 lakhs overnight became 50 lakhs.

Kalpana ji’s assassination plot

A woman becoming the owner of such an expensive land did not digest the goons of the area and they hatched a plot to kill Kalpana ji.

But it was the result of their good deeds that before the murder someone told them about this conspiracy and with the help of the police they were caught goons.

After this, Kalpana ji started keeping a licensed revolver with her. She said that I trust in Baba Saheb’s promise that

During the suicide attempt, she had seen death so closely that her fear of dying from within was over, she gave a clear warning to her enemies –

“Before you hit me know that my revolver has 6 bullets. Only after the sixth bullet is over can someone kill me.”

After this matter became calm, She thought of constructing the land but She had no money for it, so She partnered with a Sindhi businessman. SHe said the land is mine and you have to make it.

She agreed on 65% of his profits and 35%, thus Kalpana ji earned Rs 4.5 crore.

Kalpana ji took over the reins of “Kamani Tubes”

Kalpana ji took over the reins of Kamani Tubes

The foundation of Kamani Tubes was cast by Shri N.R Kamani in 1960. Initially, the company did well, but in 1985 due to a dispute between labor unions and management, the company was shut down.

In 1988, it was reopened after a supreme court order, but in a historic judgment, the ownership of the company was given to the workers. labour may conceivably not run it appropriately and the business incurred sum unpaid of corers.

In 2000, workers of Kamani Tubes Company went to Kalpana ji to get out of this situation. They had heard that if Kalpana Saroj touches the soil, the soil also becomes gold.

When Kalpana ji realized that the company was in debt of 116 crores and there were 140 litigation cases on it, She refused to put his hand in it but when She was told that the expectations of 3500 labourer and their family depended on this business. And many workers are dying of hunger and begging, so she agreed to put her hand in it.

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Kalpana ji did this work as soon as she came on board

As soon as She came on board, She first formed a core team of 10 people, in which there were experts from different fields.

Then She prepared a report on how much money She owed; It had money from banks, government and industrialists.

In the process, She came to know that more than half of the loan that the business had on lend was fine and interest.

Kalpana ji met the then Finance Minister and told that Kamani Industries does not have anything, if you forgive interest and penalty, we can return the principal of the creditors.

And if this is not done, the court is going to liquidate the company, and if this happens, the defaulters will not get a single rupee.

Kalpana ji met the then Finance Minister

The finance minister instructed the banks to hold a meeting with Kalpana ji. He was impressed by Kalpana ji and not only waived the penalty and interests but also reduced the loan principal by 25%, appreciating the genuine efforts by a lady entrepreneur.

Kalpana ji became the mistress of the industry (company) –

Kalpana ji had been struggling for the company since 2000 and in 2006 the court made her the owner of Kamani Installations.

The court ordered that Kalpana ji be directed to repay the loan of the bank in 7 years, which she paid in 1 year.

Made 500 million company

The court also asked them to pay the wages of the workers in three years, which they paid in three months.

she then began to modernize the company and gradually moved it out of a sick company into a profitable company.

It is wonderful of Kalpana Saroj ji that today Kamani Tubes has become a company of more than 500 crores

She was also honored with the Padma Shri award in 2013 for her great achievement and despite having no banking background, the government included her on the Board of Directors of Bharatiya Mahila Bank..

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