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Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera, the motivational speaker is a dynamic personality in India. But he is not just a motivational speaker; he is also an educator and business consultant.

He has catered the way of people to reach success. He helps people to realize their true potential and pulls the right strings from them to realize.

His famous quote “winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” has inspired many across the country and taken them to their goal.

Let us take a look at the life of Shiv Khera and what makes him so popular among the masses of India.

Early life of Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera was born in Dhanbad, Jharkhand and rose to be one of the most celebrated authors across India.

He belonged to a family of businessmen that owned coal mines in Jharkhand.

But nationalization took over the coal mines and his grandfather lost his business.

Shiv Khera left India to start a new life. Before leaving India he graduated from Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

After leaving India, he landed in the United States of America and did various things from washing cars to selling life insurance to earn a living.

The change in Shiv Khera

His life took the path of success when he attended a lecture by the speaker Norman Vincent Peale.

The motivational life of Norman changed his life forever. For twenty-five years he researched and helped people on the path of success.

He created a three-day dynamic workshop which more than 20000 people attended from international level and more than one million people have listened to him give Key-note speech.

His success and ability spread like wildfire and big multinational companies and entrepreneurs started approaching him for business consultation.

He established the company named ‘Qualified Learning Systems Inc. and presently he is in the position of Chief executive officer at the company.

The main motive of the company is to spread positive energy and consultancy to people.

With people buzzing to the company like bees, his company grew all over the world including India.

He also wanted to reach a large audience and started writing books. He poured his positive energy and inspirational thoughts into the book and published about 16 books.

The books were published all over the world in various languages.

His first book saw light in 1998 titled “you can win”. The book set the record of the highest-selling book.

The book was also published in Hindi and It was known as ‘JEET AAPKI”.

The records state that more than 3.3 million copies of the book have been published in 21 languages. He also received various awards in appreciation of the book.

His second book “living with honour “came out in 2003 and again never failed to please more than million book lovers.

The third book “freedom is not free” came out within just six months in February 2004.

This book lit the controversy fire of plagiarism but it didn’t fail in becoming the best seller.

Soon he became a world-renowned speaker and inspirational author.

He has been known as a “Louis Marchesi Fellow” by the round table foundation.

It is an honour that he shares with famous and popular humanitarians like Mother Teresa. He was no longer a national name.

He acquired international clients including Nestle, Benz, Philips, Mercedes, HP, Maruti Suzuki and many more and became a world guru.

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The YouTube inspiration by Shiv Khera

The personality of Shiv Khera was not only reserved for books. He is one of the rare writers who scaled technology to make a mark in the world.

YouTube has helped him reach the remotest corners of the world. His fan base includes people from various backgrounds such as Leaders, Politicians, Successful Entrepreneurs, Artists and Common People.

And above all, he is an author who is recognized by his quotes. All this was possible with the help of YouTube.

Delving into the life story of Shiv Khera reveals the profound belief that ‘Love Makes a World of Difference‘ in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Political appearance of Shiv Khera

In 2004 Shiv Khera tried his hand in politics and failed. Owing to his popularity he contested in the 2004 and 2009 election and failed.

This didn’t set him back; he later announced his support for Bharatiya Janata Party.

He helped people by filing tons of petitions to the Supreme Court seeking for modernization of the laws and the rules.

The best part is a lot of them were accepted as an amendment. He also helped the entrepreneurs realize the potential and made people understand the importance of entrepreneurship.

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Bottom line

Shiv Khera’s life proves that no matter what you are doing now, hard work and dedication will take you to a better place.

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