Tapas Bharadhwaj

Tapas Bhardwaj: A Boy with a Visual Disability Gain the Attraction of the Country

Meet Tapas Bhardwaj, How did a boy with a visual disability gain the attraction of the country?

Seeing the title you would have guessed that this post is about Tapas Bhardwaj.

Like any other student of grade 12, Tapas Bhardwaj found the board exams to be difficult.

However, the story of Tapas Bhardwaj is not like any other student.

His story of grit and determination is not only an example but an inspiration to many like him.

In the 2015 CBSE 12th examinations the 18-year-old boy who is blind scored 91.4 percentage, lighting the lamp for a bright future.

Tapas Bhardwaj, a visually impaired child by birth studying at DPS RK Puram, Delhi gave his 12th CBSE board exam with the help of a scribe and scored 457 out of 500 and was just 39 marks less than the topper who had scored 496.

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Life journey of Tapas Bhardwa

Tapas Bhardwaj was raised in a joint family who supported him from his childhood to overcome all the challenges he faced.

He studied for about 7 to 8 hours using special software that changed the text to voice.

His scores read as follows English Core – 95, psychology – 90, sociology – 95, legal studies – 94, computer science – 83.

He took up Hindustani musical vocal as an additional subject and scored 92 in it.

He in an interview after his results were out said “the papers were quite difficult” and I was really tense but I maintained calm and attended each paper”.

He also said that “if you don’t panic you can retain confidence”. He gave the credit for his success to his parents and family who supported him all along.

When asked about his teachers he quoted that “Some teachers teach, some teachers teach and explain, some teachers teach, explain and demonstrate, but some teachers teach, explain, demonstrate and inspire-ate,”

he said. His teachers at DPS inspired him to pursue what he loved right from the beginning.

The young achiever joined DPS School for second grade. He got the aid of his computer and the special software program called JAWS (Job access with speech).

The software offers both speech and Braille output for people who are visually impaired.

He also said that things were not easy but as he kept doing it things became better.

He was grateful for the technology that helped him through school. Though the software helped in following teachers, the lack of many books in Braille was tough for the teen.

He in the interview said that “India was the first country to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty but it has not been fulfilled by the government”

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Tapas Bhardwa Motto

Tapas Bhardwaj believed in the Five P’s of life which stand for passion, performance, perfection, patience, and position.

He remained passionate about studies and achieved success. While patience helped attain perfection and the desired position.

His parents believed in him and had confidence that he can compete in the real world.

They also said that they are proud of him, not just because of his results. The boy is now pursuing law after acing the entrance examination.

Bottom line

His achievement in the exam is not an inspiration for the visually impaired alone but everyone. It teaches that determination can’t be hindered by any adversity.

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