Thanks You for Breaking My Heart

Thanks You for Breaking My Heart

Whatever your strength or weak you might be facing a heartbreak isn’t an easy task. 

I’m not denying how much your loved ones and family are truly concerned about them and want to help you be able to get through the situation as soon as you can however dealing with it on your own is an entirely different experience.

Heartbreaks differ from person to individual. 

For some it could happen following ending an ongoing relationship. 

Other people experience heartbreaks that could occur at any time during the initial stages of an affair. 

The time of the incident doesn’t determine the level of the pain. 

In fact, it has something to be related to how intense the feeling.

It may be a matter of perception. Most of the time, I come across two people who get into a relationship with the only reason they love each other and would like to see what happens. 

For them it’s easier to end the relationship in comparison to those who get into an affair with marriage in mind or their plans for the future their minds.

The Process Of A Heartbreak

Going through a heartbreak is a long and difficult process. At first you’ll be extremely unhappy and that’s all the feeling you’ll experience. 

Once you’ve passed that point and you’re in the middle, reality comes to you.

The sadness will diminish but it’ll be replaced with the feeling of emptyness. 

You’ll feel a sudden sinking sensation that someone’s taken away the part you are in and that something is missing. You’ll begin feeling unfinished.

The next stage is when you’ll begin to feel more relaxed. You’ll begin to think about your relationship with the past with the person you were with. 

You’ll realize that, although you’re missing that person and are feeling unsatisfied without him, it’s the way of life of the person you’re not missing.

It’s because you’ve become obsessed with that person’s presence throughout your life that the absence of him makes you feel empty

Imagine this in this manner that you lived an extremely content and happy life prior to the person’s arrival into your life. You are going to live a happy and fulfilled life once you’re over the person.

Being Genuinely Thankful for The Heartbreak

Once you’ve accepted your feelings, you’ll realize there is a light at the bottom of the tunnel. 

When you recognize the importance of getting injured as well as how difficult it is to overcome someone. You’ll also realize how tough these experiences can create in you.

Heartache is among the most difficult types of pain you could endure in your life. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful lessons you’ll ever learn.

It will let you know the priorities you have and how hard you need to be working towards these. 

It will make you think about what kind of person you would like to have to be in your life, and the qualities of this person must not sacrifice.

Every heartbreak is an exciting event that makes you think about what you want in life and the way you’d like your life to go. 

It will provide you with an entirely new perspective on your life that you might not have realized if your life continued the way it did when you were with your former partner.

The cliche says that the most fruitful is the one with the highest apex. The same holds applicable to heartbreaks.

We must be patient and be able to learn from our mistakes in order that we can focus on becoming better. 

If the outcome didn’t go according to plan for us, it’s because there is something better coming our way.

Follow this crucial advice and get on with your life because it’s the most mature way to go about it. 

I believe that we all should be in the pain of the breakup in order to heal fully from the trauma.

It’s what allows us to be able to say “thanks for breaking my heart”.


In closing, I’d suggest that you don’t require an engagement to justify your existence. 

If we are able to give an abundance of love to offer to those around us, it’s crucial that we keep some of that affection to ourselves. 

It is important to treat ourselves in as we would like to be treated.

You have to be content, so do what’s yours and what you believe is right. 

Don’t rely on someone else to help you feel more confident about yourself. 

You have to make that happen by yourself.

It is possible to take on your passion, get involved or go on a trip to take a look around. It’s too short to be devastated by the fate of one person.

In the end and when the time is appropriate, someone will appear and complete the pieces that are missing from your life. 

When the time is right you’ll be able to truly appreciate the past heartbreaks and thank them for the pain that broke my heart.