The Secrets of Lasting Friendships

The Secrets of Lasting Friendships

Friendships are extremely significant. At certain points in life, friends matter to us . They are the most significant aspect of our lives. Friendships help define us. 

Friends can influence our decisions – like where we live, the food we eat, and even what we purchase. Friendships evolve and change as new people join and develop. 

The old saying states, “friends are flowers in the garden of life.” Friendships require their own soil and water to be strong and healthy. 

Here are 20 Secrets of Lasting Friendships

  1. Make wise choices about your friends. You don’t have to be the friend of everyone. You can choose to make friends with people who help build you up and not break you down. Find friends who encourage you and are welcoming to you, and not scold and slander you. It is impossible to choose which family you were brought up in, however you do have the option to select your companions.
  2. Listen. Pay attention to what the another person has to say. Make sure that the person you are talking to knows that you are listening to them. Make sure to ask clarifying questions. Recap what you’ve learned. While it is useful, it doesn’t always need to be done through words. Body language and eye contact are also great methods of showing that you’re paying attention.
  3. Be careful when responding. Be aware of what you say especially when you are angered. Sometimes, taking time to consider the things you’re going to say before you begin blurting it out can prevent any hurt feelings and a hurt pride. If your you feel that your friends are acceptable to be with you, they are more likely to trust your words. Make sure you choose your words carefully.
  4. Do not give advice constantly or trying to solve the problems of your friends. If someone asks you for assistance, be sure to offer it. They may ask you to review an important email before sending it out. Perhaps they’re struggling with an affair. Maybe life has thrown the ball in their direction and they require your help or guidance. Don’t try to get into every aspect of the life of your friend, instructing them on how to be the protagonist of their own story. Let them process the information as they see fit and to make the choices.
  5. Be fairly. Do not try to outdo your peers. In time, your friends will not wish to be playing any more.
  6. Be authentic. Be you. Be honest. Do not put up a fake. We often try to test the bonds we have with others by putting out a statement about who we really are. Then, we hide in a corner, our heads looking out and waiting for the reaction. If someone doesn’t like you for who you really are building a rapport with them is difficult. Don’t compromise your beliefs, values and points of view in the hopes of fitting into the group. You’re not doing people any favors.
  7. Be honest and open with your communication. The process of developing a relationship with a person takes time and also trust! Discuss with your acquaintances what they could help them. Offer what you have to give away. Don’t be afraid to let others know what you require. Be open about what is needed and don’t take over conversations. If a problem occurs resolve it with the help of your partner.
  8. Befriend your peers as what you are. When you are looking for people who will accept you as your true self, be aware that other people are looking for the exact same thing. We all want to be around people who respect us for who we are.
  9. Be respectful of their choices. It’s okay to disagree. If your friend chooses to make an unwise move, and you feel staying still is the correct option then let them go about their business. If you’ve offered your opinion and your friend views things differently, you should step aside. The actions of your friend may be the right thing for their situation, however, it’s not for yours. They could have made a mistake, however, if it doesn’t end in death for them, cause them to be injured or put you in a hospital it’s likely that they will take the lessons learned from their experiences. If it does cause death, keep them in a closet , and keep them in there until they’ve forgotten why you put them there initially.
  10. Make yourself the type of person you would like others are for. You’re looking for friends who are trustworthy, caring fair, compassionate and not judging, genuine and smart. Make yourself the person you want to be and you’ll be more likely bring that type of person to your life.
  11. Be empathetic. Be willing to look at the world from a friend’s perspective can aid in communicating and get to know each other better.
  12. Make compliments. Be kind to your friends by praising their strengths or the things they excel at. Did a friend of yours do something that you admire? Inform them!
  13. Show your appreciation. Tell your friends that you appreciate your friendship. Inform them. Make them an email. Did you happen to see the collector’s editions of their favourite film when you went out? Purchase an edition. Make your friend feel special by inviting them to dinner or lunch to one of the favourite spots.
  14. Accept as well as apologize. If you’ve done something wrong Admit it and apologize. Learn to accept apologies. Sometimes, friends are upset and all they need of you is (genuinely) apologize and say “sorry.” It shows that you are aware of your mistake and you hope not to repeat the same mistake again.
  15. Let go. Have you had a friend who did something that was hurtful to you? Did you discuss it? Were apologies made? Move on and let it go! If you don’t, you’ll hold onto the incident and it’ll tarnish your relationship in the future. Do not linger on a troublesome area from your past. Do your best to create the most of your new beginning.
  16. Take time to spend time with the people you love. Enjoy time spent with buddies. It may be a bit odd to put your friends’ schedules in your schedule, however if are busy and you want to include them into your calendar is much better than leaving them out. Let your friends know that you are with them. Do you have a friend who is far away? Send the person an email. communicate with them on IM or call them by phone, arrange an evening get-together. Spending time with your friends will let them know that they are a vital part of your daily life.
  17. Keep your promises. If you’re not sure that you’ll provide something, don’t make promises that you’ll. If you make a commitment then do your best to adhere to it. It’s more effective for you to tell someone “I don’t think I can make it on Saturday night, but lets get lunch next week,” instead of telling people you’ll show up but then accepting an alternative invitation or decide to change your mind at the last minute.
  18. Enjoy the things you share. The majority of friendships begin due to a common thread: a love of a sport, a love for books, a love of good wine, or an unforgiving boss. Find season tickets to your favorite team in baseball or visit the local library’s book sale next month.
  19. Explore new experiences with your friend. What are some new experiences you can offer your companion? This could be as easy as visiting the new cafe in town, or even as thrilling as bungee-jumping.
  20. Enjoy your time together. Like every other kind of relationship, can get stuck in a routine at times particularly if all you do is talk about your latest issues every time you meet each the other. Get rid of the routine. Get out and do something you and your partner enjoy or take a look at the list of things to explore that you have come up with and try some of those. It’s nice to have someone who you can talk to and share your thoughts, but take the pressure off of to let loose and create some memorable memories.

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