Bear Grylls

The story of born survivor Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is a world-renowned adventurer known for his daring expedition in the Man Vs. wild series on Discovery channel.

If one loves adventure it is less likely they don’t know Bear Grylls. He is not only an adventure seeker but a dynamic inspiration for many around the world.

Known for his spine-chilling TV shows Bear Grylls is a born survivor.

Let us take a ride through the roller coaster life of the man who can do things that no one has done before.

Early life of Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls or Edward Michael Bear Grylls was born on 7 June 1974 in England to Michael Grylls and Sarah Ford in London, England.

He was nicknamed Bear when he was just a week old by his sister. From a tender age, Bear Grylls was fond of adventure and the wild felt like home.

You may not believe that Grylls was bullied in school by physically stronger boys.

Thanks to the boys that he toughened up and decided to retaliate.

He began taking karate classes with his friends and tasted the essence of strength within three years with a black belt and was named as the youngest member of the karate union of Great Britain.

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Army life of Bear Grylls

He began his first actual adventure in the mighty hills of the Himalayas after he finished school.

He spent nights in the mountains hiking in a plan to join the Indian army.

Eventually, Grylls followed his father’s footsteps and joined the British Army Special Forces reserve in 1994l and served with 21 regiment Special Air Services (SAS) for about three years.

The army trained him in everything from desert and winter warfare to driving, climbing, and explosives.

The narrow escape

During his period in the army, he was sent to North Africa twice as his second visit almost cost his life.

The accident in Africa changed his life forever. As part of his mission, Bear Grylls did a free-fall parachuting from 16000 feet from his plane.

An unfortunate turn of events happened as his parachute got ripped and crashed into the desert.

The accident broke three vertebrae in his back and he spent the next 18 months obscured in plasters and hospital.

With doctors opening that he could never walk again, his childhood dream to climb Everest intensified than before.

He scaled Mount Everest after his accident in 1998 after the gruesome accident.

His climb of the biggest mountain made him the youngest Brit to hit the summit.

He also came face to face with another near-death experience as the icebergs left him hanging. He also scaled Ama Dablam, the toughest mountain in 1997.

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TV shows 

After his triumph in the Everest expedition, Bear Grylls started adventure shows on TV.

His first show was Escape to the legion and followed by the ever-popular Man Vs. wild.

He met with a near mix accident when the cameraman failed to stop on a descent on the Canadian Rockies.

The wooden sledge slammed into Bear’s leg at 45mph toppling him down the mountain.

Bear Grylls’s near death experience didn’t stop there. Throughout his journey through the toughest wild, he came close to various adversities and overcame them with his endurance.

The countless close shaves have made him stronger. His TV show, Man Vs. Wild became all over the world speaking about the daring nature of the adventurer.

World record-setter

He is the proud owner of a world record for hosting the world’s highest dinner party at a stupendous 25000 feet in a hot air balloon.

Bear Grylls with his fellow adventurer performed this amazing feat in 2005 and dedicated the adventure to the royal queen Elizabeth.

In 2007 he set the bars high making another world record by flying over the Himalayas with a para jet.

In the following year, he set the Guinness world record for the longest continuous indoor fall.

The philanthropist 

Everyone knows the adventurer in Bear Grylls and often fails to see the philanthropist.

He has donated to tons of non-profit organizations and at the age of 35, he became the chief scout for the scout association.

The author

The shade of the author is one of the many shades that Bear Grylls has and it is pretty successful.

He has authored various books including Mud, Sweat, and Tears,

How to Stay Alive: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Any Situation, A Survival Guide for Life, The Blizzard Challenge,

Facing Up: A Remarkable Journey to the Summit of Mt Everest, Mission Survival 1: Gold of the Gods and more.

He shared the Man Vs.Wild screen with two famous prime ministers in the world Barack Obama and Narendra Modi.

Bottom line

Bear Grylls has said in an interview “the greatest journeys all start with a single step”. His life depicts that one can come out of the limit with the right step that is beyond the boundary. 

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