Things you can tell by looking at someone

Things you can tell by looking at someone

People say that it is not good to judge a person by his appearance.

We all are guilty of that because people started to judge someone first by their physical attributes and even their outfits play an important part in it.

Everyone has an opinion when they first met a new person based on their look.

After that only they focus on the aspect of that person’s communication.

It is a psychological superpower to read people just by looking and this skill can pick up by anyone.

You can glean a lot about the person just by paying more attention. 

You have to understand that there are chances that things you can tell by looking at someone might not be always correct and perfect.

It is just the first impression that may also be an important factor because it is difficult to change the first impression.

The real impression of the person can be known by speaking or spending more time with them.

Here are some of the signs you should notice the appearance of a person that may show their personality.

Shoes can reveal about their personality: 

The footwear that covers a person’s feet is probably revealing details about how they deal with other people.

There is a study that shows some interesting trends in the connection of a personality and the shoe type. 

You can tell a lot about a man just by looking at their shoes. The insecure and anxious people used to wear footwear that is new and neat.

It helps them to make feel more secure and comfortable. People, who like to experiment with extreme shoes that might not be so comfortable or practical, are mostly calm and organized.

The study also states that people who wear practical and comfortable shoes are great to work with and are usually team players.

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These types of people always want to find a solution that everybody is happy with and also consider other’s opinions as well.

The ankle boots are mostly liked by aggressive people. Your behaviour shows your true self, even if you are one kind of a person.

It is important to take a look at your shoes and they may have things to tell about you to others.  

Eating candy shows niceness:

Eating candy makes people feel happy and relaxed and this is quite obvious that they used to become nicer and friendlier to everyone as well.

It also shows that eating candy in public can let you are confident and easygoing and are in the mindset I never did mind about the little things. 

Most people used to think that it is a lame thing to do or even more childish.

This fact is just not a hypothesis and it is proved by 5 different studies on this topic by researchers.

All the studies on this topic state that, people who prefer candy over other snacks are more considerable, agreeable, and less selfish and like to do good for others. 

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Bully looking guys are actually team players:

As you have seen in movies the bully looking guys have similar features and the same style of walk-in real-life as well.

By seeing them it is easy to judge that they are egoistic and arrogant but in reality, they are actually very nice and good at teamwork if you stay on their side.

Mostly they are straightforward and say things as they are. All these seem to be cruel at the beginning but you can understand that they are not thinking anything bad.

They have a more competitive personality and they always like to win and actually are a good feature for teamwork.

They are ready to work hard as much as they can to make it a success.

Their appearance may bully-looking but actually, they are productive, hard-working, and kind-hearted person, who is even ready to sacrifices for the sake of the team.

These are some of the things you can tell by looking at the appearance of a person.

You are now aware that how little things can actually tell a lot about someone character.

Make sure what kind of messages is conveyed by your outfits and the food you eat.

Again, make it clear that all these facts are not 100% right all the time. 

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