Trust in God _ It may take 10 minutes, but the mind will be happy

Trust in God : It may take 10 minutes, but the mind will be happy

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Vaidyaji’s house was in an old building. Lived in the previous part and opened the dispensary in the next part. His wife’s habit was that before opening the dispensary, she used to write the necessary items for that day in a letter.

Vaidji would sit on the throne and first take the name of God and then he would open the letter.

The wife used to write down the things that she had written, and then calculate them.

Then pray to God, O God! I leave your devotion according to your orders and am sitting here in a circle of worldliness.

Vaidya never asked for fees from a patient with his mouth.

Someone used to give, no one gave, but one thing was certain that as soon as the money required to buy the essential goods of that day was completed, he would not take any medicine money from anyone, no matter how rich the patient was.

One day Vaidyaji opened the dispensary. After sitting on the throne, remembering God, and opened the letter containing the necessary goods to calculate the money, he was left staring at the letter.

Once he lost his mind. He was seen shining stars in front of his eyes, but he soon regained control of his nerves.

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After flour-rice-rice etc., the wife wrote, “” Daughter is married on 20th, her dowry items.

“* After thinking for a while then after writing the price of other things, she wrote in front of dowry,” * The work belongs to God, God knows. * “

One or two patients came. Vaidyaji was giving him medicines. During this time, a large car stopped in front of his clinic.

Vaidyaji did not pay any special attention because many cars used to come to him. Both patients went away with medicines.

The suited-booted sahib got out of the car and sat down on the bench after namaste.

Vaidji said that if you have to take medicine for yourself, then come to the stool here so that you can see your pulse and if you have to take medicine of a patient, then describe the condition of the disease.

He started saying, “Vaidyaji! You do not recognize me. My name is Krishnalal but how can you recognize me?

Because I have come to your clinic after 15-16 years. I will tell you the condition of the last meeting, then you will remember the whole thing.

When I first came here, I did not come myself but God brought me to you because God had blessed me and wanted to populate my house.

It happened that I was going to my ancestral house by car. Our car was punctured exactly in front of your clinic.

The driver took off the wheel of the car and got it punctured.

You saw that I was standing near the car in the heat, then you came to me and pointed to the dispensary and said that come here and sit on the chair.

What could the blind want, two eyes and sat on the chair. The driver took too long.

A small girl was also standing near your table here and repeatedly saying, “Come on, Baba, I am hungry. You were telling him that daughter, be patient, walk.

I was thinking that you had been sitting with you for so long and because of me you were not even going to eat.

I should buy some medicine so that you don’t feel the weight of my sitting. I said Vaidyaji, I have been doing business in England for the last 5-6 years.

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I was married before going to England, but till now I am deprived of the happiness of the child.

He was also treated here and there in England, but luck gave nothing but despair.

You said, “My brother! Do not be disappointed with God. Remember that there is no shortage of anything in his treasury.

Everything around – children, wealth, respect, happiness, sorrow, life and death are in his hands.

It is not in the hands of any physician or doctor nor in any medicine. All that has to happen is by God’s command.

If you want to give children, then you have to give them. I remember you were going on talking and together you were making pudis.

You divided all the medicine into two separate envelopes and then by asking me, you wrote me on one envelope and my wife’s name on the other and gave you a way to use the medicine.

I had taken that medicine discreetly because I just wanted to give you some money. But when I asked for the money after taking the medicine, you said, it is just fine.

I insisted, you said that today’s account has been closed. I said I did not understand what you said.

Meanwhile, another man came there and after listening to our discussion, he told me that the closure of the account meant that the amount Vaidyaji had asked God for today’s household expenses has been given to him by God. They cannot take more money.

I was surprised and a bit ashamed of my heart how low my thoughts were and how great this simple vaidya is.

When I went home and showed the medicine to the wife and told the whole thing, then the person who came out of her mouth is not a deity and her given medicine will be the reason for fulfilling our wish.

Today, two flowers are blooming in my house. Both of us husband and wife keep praying for you all the time.

For so many years, the business did not give itself time to come and say two words of thanks. I have come to India today after so many years and the car has stopped only here.

Vaidyaji Our whole family has been settled in England. Only one of my widowed sisters lives in India with her daughter. Our niece is to be married on 21st of this month.

Don’t know why, whenever I used to buy any goods for my niece’s bhali, that little daughter of yours would also come in front of my eyes and I would buy every thing double.

I knew your thoughts that you might not take that stuff, but I felt that the face that I see again and again with my own niece is also my niece.

I used to think that God has given me the responsibility to fill the pledge even in the marriage of this niece.

Vaidya ji’s eyes were wide open with surprise and said in a very slow voice, “Krishnalal ji, what you are saying, I do not understand what this maya of God is.”

See this letter written by my Mrs. And Vaidyaji opened the letter and caught Krishnalal ji. Everyone present there was amazed to see that it was written in front of the “dowry goods” that this work belongs to God, God knows.

Vaidji said in a trembling voice, “Krishnalalji, believe that till today it has never happened that the wife has written the need on the letter and God has not arranged it on the same day.

Hearing your words, it seems that God knows what day my Shrimati is going to write, otherwise God would not have started buying you so many days beforehand.

Wow god wow You are great, you are kind. I am surprised how he shows his colors. “

Vaidyaji further said, he has read it, has read the same text that thank God in the morning, thank you for having a good day in the evening, thank him while eating, thank him at bedtime.

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