Very Beautiful Story on Moderation - Buddha Inspirational

Very Beautiful Story on Moderation – Buddha Inspirational

Friends, look no further than the Buddha inspirational stories! These stories, including the Buddha inspirational stories, create a positive mindset, fuel your passion, and can inspire you in life Moderation is very important in life, and that is why we have brought for you the Buddha inspirational stories on patience.

It is obvious that someone who does not have patience in his life can never get happiness. Fueling your passion, Therefore, you must read these stories, including the Buddha inspirational stories, on restraint and share them with others.

There was a time when Gautama Buddha went on a trip with one of his disciples. Fueling your passion, Gautama Buddha took his disciple to Kuru Nagar. People had said that the queen there was very cruel, so that city was known as Kruru Nagar. Fueling your passion,

In such a situation, when that cruel queen came to know that Gautama Buddha had come to Kuru with his disciple, the queen sent her servants to Gautam Buddha.

The queen also told her servants to disrespect Gautam Buddha, so that he could return from Krur Nagar.

On the order of the queen, her servants did exactly the same. As soon as Gautama Buddha and his disciple entered the city of Kuru, the servants started calling them good and bad.

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The servants greatly abused Gautam Buddha. Even those people greatly insulted him.

The disciple of Gautama Buddha got very angry when the queen’s servants constantly insulted Gautama Buddha. Angrily, the red disciple said to Gautam Buddha that “we should leave immediately.”

How are you silent even after hearing so much insult. Where we are being mistreated so much, we should not stay there for a single moment.

Let us go somewhere where you are respected and respected.

Hearing these words of the disciple, Gautam Buddha said, ‘It is not necessary that we should go only where we are respected and go immediately from where there is dishonor.

Where you are being treated badly, stay in the place until peace is established there or the person who disrespects you will not give up. ‘

Lord Buddha taught his disciple by this incident that ‘Just as an elephant in war moves with the arrow from all around, we should also bear the words of people of evil nature.

Because the successful person in the world is the one who keeps himself in moderation under all circumstances.

We should never spoil our mind because of the abuses of others. ‘

Story summary

In such a situation, we learn from this story of Lord Gautam Buddha that success can be achieved only by keeping ourselves in moderation. We get tips for success by learning from ourselves.

Also, we should never let others’ abusive words come to our clean mind. Why should we lose our sobriety because of the mistreatment of others and behave like them.

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