What are the Grabovoi Numbers? How do you use Grabovoi Numbers?

How do you use Grabovoi Numbers

Grabovoi numbers have recently gained a lot of popularity for the reels posted on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Although these aren’t “angels,” the healing number per se, they are said to aid in learning how to bring about the type of life you envision for yourself.

These secrets, called the “cheat codes of the Universe,” can shed light on the steps necessary to bring about mental and emotional well-being, material success, romance fulfillment, and much more. 

What are grabovoi numbers? 

Grabovoi numbers might fascinate you after hearing about them from a friend or seeing a post about them online.

Even though all these codes have been in use for quite some time, people are getting proper results with the best healing by numbers.

They have recently gained widespread attention because of a social media fad. 

Grigori Grabovoi, a famous Russian spiritual and psychic guru, created Grabovoi Codes, often known as the Grabovoi Numbers.

The numbers are believed to employ radionic signatures, which have a relationship with the Universe, to shed light on how to address problems and create a desired future. 

Grabovoi Numbers: How to Use Them 

After getting your feet wet with the concept of Grabovoi numbers, it’s time to begin learning how to put them to good use in your daily life. 

In short, if you want to trigger a particular Grabovoi code, let’s say grabovoi numbers for love or the desired healing code for weight loss.

You need to jot down the manifestations and that code. Next, you’ll imagine this code coming into fruition in your life—perhaps with the help of healing crystals—and then activate it. 

Grabovoi Numbers: Steps to Use Them 

  • First, get a sheet of paper or a notepad and jot down your goals for the change or manifestation you desire to see in your life. For example, you may hope to enhance your social life or increase your wealth. Before committing your goals for manifestation to paper, consider these healing numbers in numerology
  • If you want to achieve something or make a certain transformation in your life, write it down and then add the corresponding Grabovoi number to the same sheet of paper. 
  • You must spend the coming hours or days reviewing your written code and visualizing your manifestation. Take your time learning them and keep them in mind as you go about your day. 
  • If you don’t have access to healing crystals, you can still put the paper beneath your pillow and repeat the phrase “I am generating the number _” to achieve the desired results. It would help if you repeated this adage several times each day and night. 

You can more powerfully activate the numbers if you have access to healing gems. You can use crystals to help you create your dreams by placing them atop the grabovoi number list of wishes you make. 

Most famous Grabovoi codes:

  • Grabovoi Code for Fight against Alcoholism – 14843292
  • Grabovoi Code to Better Health – 1891014
  • Grabovoi Code for Depression – 519 514 319891
  • Grabovoi Code for Love – 888 412 1289018
  • Grabovoi Code for Unexpected Money: 520 741 8
  • Grabovoi Code for Peace – 1001105010
  • Grabovoi Code for Entrepreneurship – 71974131981
  • Grabovoi Code for Self Esteem – 4818951749814
  • Grabovoi Code for Understanding – 39119488061
  • Grabovoi Code for Weight Loss – 5342168
  • Grabovoi Code for Beauty – 83585179
  • Grabovoi Code for Fame – 8277247
  • Grabovoi Code for Steady & Generous Income – 9213140
  • Grabovoi Code for Romantic Love – 3856794
  • Grabovoi Code for Manifesting a Home–975198931

What is the Neo Protocol of Grabovoi Numbers? 

You can activate this same Grabovoi Numbers & Codes Neo Protocol once the target condition has been assigned a number. 

Now you must wish to know how to use grabovoi numbers for money and make other manifestations. Following this technique will teach your neo units and generate the grabovoi numbers for money to access quantum theory and create a portal to the past, present, & future, putting your body in sync with the optimal astrological window within which you can actualize the DNA modifications. 

Your neo will next need instructions on how to transfer holographic stem cells of your spinal cord & superimpose these on the spot you want to rejuvenate or change. To achieve this:

  1. Picture a white or silver sphere in front of you and your selected Grabovoi number inside that sphere.
  2. Give your spirit the orders it needs to start mending and reintegrating.
  3. Bring the Grabovoi numbered sphere to your Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland, and afterward, urge your higher self to initiate cell proliferation and differentiation on a physical plane. 

The Origin of the Grabovoi Codes. 

While the Grabovoi codes have a checkered past, the spiritual community generally accepts and uses them confidently. It was in the 1990s that Grigori Grabovoi created the Grabovoi numbers.

He says that paying attention to numerical patterns may heal you and make your wishes come true. 

Grigori Grabovoi’s spiritual beliefs have been widely known in Russia for over 30 years, but the rise of TikTok and other social media platforms has given them newfound attention.

Numerous internet celebrities and YouTubers also raise awareness of these digits and letters. 


Such codes can be made more effective by using healing crystals, which should be done whenever possible.

Crystals for healing have unique meanings that correspond to similar grabovoi numbers.

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