What is my Purpose in life?

What is my Purpose in life? Take the Charge of your Life

Are you struggling to find how to figure out what to do with your life? 


Have a question of what is my purpose in life? 

One of the fundamental factors of happiness is having a purpose in life.

You should know the purpose of life otherwise you will live your life less efficient and less focused.

When you have a successful life with a good career, a loving family, and even a strong social network still you may feel like something is missing and that is your purpose in life. 

It helps you to have a happier and healthier life not most of the people used to identify it. 

Without a purpose, you don’t feel aligned with the things you do which will make you feel often restless and stressed.

Here is the list of different purposes in life and how to find your purpose in life.

Donate Time, Money, or Talent:

The most important habit you should create to find your purpose of life would be helping others. 

Finding purpose in life is something you should feel and it is not just an intellectual pursuit.

The unselfish concern for other people or altruistic attitude includes donating money to charities, volunteering for a nonprofit organization, or even simply helping out the people around you on daily basis.

This all may help you find the meaning of your life by doing something kind for others.  

Listen to Feedback:

Sometimes, it is hard for you to recognize the things you feel passionate about on your own.

There are many different things that you probably like to do and the things may have become so ingrained in your life that you don’t even realize how important those things are.

But, other people may be able to help you with some insight. There is a good chance that already you may display your passion and life purpose to those around you without even realizing it.

Consider asking your loved ones like your family members, friends, and colleagues that what they think of when you entered their mind or what reminds them of you.

You can also take a note of the compliment when someone pays you or makes an observation about you. 

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Surround yourself with positive people:

Life has no meaning without knowing its purpose. Positive people always used to neglect all the negativity and love to appreciate the good things in life.

When you have the positive people around you they help you benefit and the ones around them with their attitude.

Living a life surrounding yourself with people filled with optimistic outlook helps you find the purpose of life and filled with positive memories.

They not only help you to change the perspective of life but also to improve the overall quality and well-being of your life.

It is important to choose people to spend time with outside of work, friends, family and relatives.

You might draw inspiration if you’re surrounded by people who are making positive change.

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Start conversations with new people:

You may take the time to talk to the people or strangers around you when you are at a bar waiting for a friend or alone on the subway.

It may sound awkward but helps to make new friends without any social expectations pressuring you.

It helps you to know about new activities, causes, and even career opportunities that you may not even hear of before and are helpful to understand whats the point of life.

It may find your new hobbies, passion, and even your hidden talents and finding a reason to live.

You can go out to a new place play a new sport or hike the new trail that helps to find a passion for the new environment and the activity as well.

These activities may be helping you find your purpose.These activities will help you find what your purpose in life is and how to make it more meaningful.

Finding the purpose is something that is a lifelong journey and can be done step by step and not within days or months.

Your purpose may change over time and there are chances you may have purposes that are more than one.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to find a new purpose and have to change what you are already doing.

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