What it Takes to be Great

What it Takes to be Great

It is the Universal Truth about Fear: it affects everyone.

What is the most recent time we took the time to look at our fears? Not just to determine what they are, but to discover what they hinder our way of becoming.

What chances do we miss from avoiding the things we’re afraid of?

The truth is that we’ll never.

It is possible to make life-changing career relationships, friendships, and business connections waiting to be taken or established.

That’s the frightening consequence of letting fear rule your life: you don’t realize what we’re capable of accomplishing.

We run the risk of a lifetime of regret, regrettable what-ifs, and should-have-done by handing fear the keys to deciding our ultimate goal.

Despite its uncertainties, however, fear can provide few assurances:

  • Fear kills dreams.
  • Fear keeps us from progressing.
  • The fear of being a victim distorts our reality.
  • Fear is the key to our chances of success or failure.

Don’t let fear keep us from doing what we should perform at the highest possible level. The best performers know how to be successful even in the face of their worries. They smother fears before they have the chance to grow and cause destruction.

Let’s look at some examples:

Michael Jordan: Arguably, the best basketball player ever. Do you remember the first time he started his career? He wasn’t even on the basketball team at his college. He didn’t get given a platter of basketball talent and said, “Enjoy!” Not at all. He put in the work to reach the peak of his success. He has the experience to conquer obstacles and hurdles.

What is his opinion on fear?

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

Fears are only illusions. We create a mental image in our minds that prevent us from performing at the highest levels.

See where this belief led him throughout his life: Hall of Fame, the most outstanding player of all time, and still receiving endorsement deals worth millions of dollars, many years following his time for the NBA.

Another example of excellence: is Warren Buffett, the most successful investor of the present. He’s made so much money by investing smartly that he’s helped save whole nations on the verge of bankruptcy. Top CEOs and the government around the globe turn to him during times of crisis for advice on investing.

What’s one of his most fundamental principles of investing?

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”

Translation: His most successful investment has been made by taking a massive risk in the face of fear. If there’s blood on the streets and no one can think straight regarding their investment, Buffett is on the streets buying stocks, hands in fists. Buffett doesn’t let fear deter him. Buffett uses the situation to benefit himself. He’s among the most wealthy individuals of all time.

Successful individuals leave clues for us to follow. What are the top performers like Buffett and Jordan telling us?

Be brave, and you’ll reap the rewards.

If we aren’t willing to take risks, confront our fears, and not push ourselves beyond our home comfort zone, we’ll never achieve our full potential.

It’s that easy.

Then why doesn’t the rest of us take this step?

Since many of us receive advice like this, we consider, “Ha! It’s easy to say! There’s no disadvantage to you disadvantage] and I do not have [insert excuse for time or resources[insert excuse about time or resources].”

Instantly, we think of the idea that our situation immediately makes us feel like our situation is SO unique, SO unique, and SO different from the rest of the world.

The defense system is automatic and automatically flams up.

What’s the real story?

We’re making up a story for ourselves. We’re justifying our fears and our inaction. Everyone wants to not feel like an idiot; I know this.

I would feed myself stories after stories. “I don’t have time,” I would say, “I’ll work on that tomorrow.” I was adamant about feeling self-conscious, and stories provided quick fixes to feel better.

In the real world, I was hiding something from myself.

Let’s be honest with one another.

The truth can make us uncomfortable, particularly when it exposes flaws within us. It makes me cringe whenever I recall the endless list of excuses I made to avoid confronting my fears.

A few years ago, I had numerous books on personal development filled with tactic after tactic all over my bedroom. I had no excuse to implement the plan, yet I let fear get in control. I would try to find a new tactic, believing that I wasn’t prepared yet and needed to focus on one additional item. Nothing was done.

I used to do this for a long time until I realized that we are in control of our choices and can empower ourselves by taking action towards our goals, no however daunting they seem in the present.

Whatever we may be, we can never improve through the constant consumption of information by ourselves. You must venture out and test your skills.

You could reap many rewards in your life.

100 times your nearest competitor by 100x. I’m talking about ultimately achieving your goals; exceeding your greatest expectations in all areas of your life’s achievements.

However, to achieve this, you have to break free from the grip of fear.

Behind every fear lies the person you’d like to be. If you can conquer your fears and overcome them, you will become the person you want to be.

Yoda has said well, “Named your fear must be, before banishing it, you can.”

This is precisely what we should do if we wish to be better than ourselves: Eliminate anxiety for life.

For decades, even for years, you could have walked about with fear in your heart, letting it drag you down and turn you into its victim.

Today, let’s change the tide. Turn the script around and an enemy of your slave.

Today, let’s confront our fears head-on and be empowered to be free.

Your goal for today: crush your fears using five simple steps

1.) Goals specific to you: Create an inventory of five things you’ve always thought about doing but didn’t because of fear that has held you back. It could be anything that is as simple as telling “Hi” to a colleague as you pass their office up to doing something completely different.

Be imaginative, and don’t be afraid to note anything down. If you’re interested, put it in writing. Even if you think it’s ridiculous or that you’re not able to do it right now, Don’t allow that to stop you from doing it. Note it all down, and we’ll discuss this later. Ideally, you’ll need to spend a few minutes thinking about things you’d like to do. However, it could require a lesser amount of time.

When you’ve compiled your list of 5 items, move toward the next one. Don’t skimp to the next step. Take your time here. If you work through the process correctly, I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits.

2.) Choice: Now that you’ve got your list of five items or action items take a moment to look over it. Reread it thoroughly and ensure that you do not want to add other things. What you’re about to do next may surprise you, but I’d like you to pick only one objective from that list that you’d like to reach. You can put aside the other four goals for the moment. The goal is to put all your energy into this task. This is the one that should be most important to you. Anything that, if you could accomplish it, would leave you feeling incredibly thrilled or even overjoyed. Mark one. It’s better to do only one thing rather than have many ideas in our heads that we don’t finish.

Continue to move right now towards your next stage.

3.) Systematize: This is where we become incredibly strategic in our strategy. Anyone can create an outline of goals and feel happy for a few minutes. For most people, dreams end up in the pile of hopes and hopes that remain unfinished. We distinguish ourselves by creating an action plan that we follow. Let’s now create an easy set of steps to help you achieve your goal. For instance, if I wanted to initiate an exchange with a coworker, I’d list the day and time I was planning to speak to them. I’d then ensure that I planned on having the conversation in the morning when I wasn’t stressed about time to be more genuine and present. I’d write down the conversation, not just with the things I’d be using to begin a brief discussion, but also what I’d say to end the conversation if I felt uncomfortable.

Once you’ve completed your strategy, you can move on to the next stage.

4.) Imagine an image of you working towards the goal and conquering fears. Allow the positive feelings to behear you when you take this action. Enjoy this moment and view yourself as a successful person. Remember that our minds cannot distinguish a picture in our heads from what occurs to us. Therefore, you should use this advantage and practice it in advance without taking action. The more detailed and realistic you make your visual, the more effective this exercise will become. Also, include the way that things appear as well as smell and feel in your visualization.

5.) Finally, begin to realize your desires today. Get out there and start working towards your goals. Once you’ve figured out the plan you’re trying to achieve and the best way to achieve it and have witnessed yourself succeed, There’s no reason not to try it.

The majority of people do not work towards their goals. They let things happen to them, and worry can ruin their lives.

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