low on energy

What to do when you are low on energy and motivation

Do you ever get exhausted from feeling exhausted? It’s as if you get up in the morning , but instead of feeling refreshed like the characters from commercials on television, you struggle to hear the alarm’s ring and strike it as Ted Williams hits a baseball.

The most difficult part is that you’ve got tasks that need to be completed and you simply cannot afford to sit through the day. 

However, there are ways you can get it done. Because the body is a whole being, any changes in one place will have an effect on the changes in other areas. 

That’s why the changes can make you feel energized and eager to keep going.

The changes impact only one of four most important types of each individual:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

We can begin making these changes if you’re feeling low energy and motivation


1. Daily walks

We all work that requires the need to be seated for an extended duration in uncomfortable seating. Human bodies aren’t built to be able to endure that. Therefore, take 10-30 minutes every everyday and walk. It can help your body keep it well.

If you feel you’re not able to devote time to it, invite someone who you want to hold a meeting, and set up an “walking meeting.” You generally walk and hold the meeting in the same way.

There’s nothing that can stop you from engaging in this workout – it’s simple quick, simple, and easy. Yet, at the same time it gives you the necessary energy boost in your physique.

2. Take a nap

If you believe that children in the preschool do not have the right mindset to take their nap time in the afternoon, you’re losing out on an amazing energy boost. A nap of just 20-30 minutes can boost your concentration, allows the “smart” brain refocus and prepare you for work you’ll need to accomplish.

Every one of the greatest performers in the history of music were able to take napping due to the fact that their work demanded massive amounts of focus that drains your energy. This is why naps are essential.

3. Stretch

Sometimes all you need is stretching your muscles for 2 minutes. If you’re stiff, particularly those who don’t workout in the early morning, your body was not able to get up. Therefore, it’s crucial to relax all body parts to allow for a continuous flow of energy through it.

This can make circulation of blood better, particularly towards your head that requires focus on challenging cognitive tasks. 

Get off your chair and stretch out your muscles because it’ll make you feel more active. Try these easy stretches at your workplace.


4. Eat whatever fills the stomach and head.

I did not put food into the physical portion since for the majority of us, our relationship with food is an emotional one and there’s a major reason behind this. The high sugar content of our food can make us feel high for a while but then it’s low and you’re unable to have the energy by 11 am , which is ridiculous.

When you are thinking about food, think about its usability, and then select the one you will benefit from the most. Protein-rich, high-fiber food will not only fill your stomach, but also your brain and you’ll not feel tired following it.

5. Make a call to an acquaintance

The importance of relationships is evident of our daily lives. They are the primary source of happiness, and the entire human race is known as an animal that is social. If you’re feeling down and down One of the greatest sources of energy is to go to a group and having a good time.

Social circles are known to pump energy into us, even when we believe there is no motivation left to do anything.

If you’re at work and there isn’t any “water cooler” talks around it is best to call an acquaintance by phone and speak with him for about a minute. Do not send messages, just make a phone call and speak on the phone.

6. Have a fun game

Did you know that the majority of CEOs claim to play games to boost their productivity. This may seem odd but once you consider consideration the nature of games and the reasons for it.

Games have been played since the beginning of human civilization itself. Even although we are unable to win around 80percent of the games are played, love playing games.

A simple game like Minesweeper, for instance, will help your feel happier and more energized. Don’t view games as waste of energy Consider them energy boosters.


7. You can play some music in the background

It doesn’t matter whether it’s just white noise playing in the background or classical music popular songs. music can do wonders for us regarding motivation and energy.

You’re aware of what works best for you and at what times, and this serves to remind you that occasionally you’ll need music in life to help you make things happen. 

P.S. It was Dragon Ball- Cha La (German version) as I wrote this. There’s something that is invigorating, inspiring and exhilarating in that song for me, which makes me want to keep writing until my fingers begin to bleed.

8. Books

The stimulation that books provide can can help you focus to last for an extended duration of time. Therefore, you should begin reading books (if you don’t already).

At first, you aren’t able to read more than few pages of the book without falling to sleep. This is fine since your brain is adapting to the attention required to go through the many pages of the book.

After one month of reading books each day (20 pages a day will do the trick) [1] It will be easier to remain alert and motivated in your work as you have conditioned your brain to remain focus and sharp for a longer time.

9. Perspectives and frames of reference

Frames can be a formidable tool for people who are able to utilize frames. If you are faced with an issue or challenge that makes you not even begin it’s not in the actual task but rather in the method you take to approach (frame) this kind of task.

The process of doing a workout that includes six exercises that require 4 repetitions each is a lot easier when you consider it as a level in the game. The goal is to improve your physical endurance and strength, and each repetition brings more knowledge, and you’ll be able to step up by the end of the routine.

If something is bringing your energy levels down or causes you to feel demotivated Try looking at the issue from a different perspective. [2] If you can change the way you interact to a problem and it ceases to be an issue.


10. Meditation

Just a few minutes to breathe out and in while focusing and let go of your thoughts via mindfulness and meditation can boost you back to your energetic levels within a matter of minutes.

Meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years to relieve stress as well as a happiness-inducing boost in energy. If you’re in a busy workplace, take an hour of peace and solitude to sit down and you’ll see significant improvements in your energy levels and levels of motivation.

11. “Get in zone” ritual

Many people call it “flow”. It’s about finding that optimal balance between boredom from routine tasks and anxiety of tasks in which we’re incompetent.

Once you are into the flow, you can alter time and increase your concentration and motivation to accomplish whatever is within your reach. Running enthusiasts use the term “runners high” for this.

I was once a player and could sit in my chair for 10 hours and play the game, without ever moving a muscle, or blinking. The fervor and focus I had to summon for it were unparalleled to anything else I have experienced within my own life.

It’s not because we lack the drive and motivation, but we do not have a clear way of bringing it into play (yes I’ve just made the term “gamer” to describe it). Flow is a great tool to help us navigate this way.

12. The power is now

When we’re working that we do, we’re always thinking about the next thing we must do. This leads us to constantly chase something that is further off and not yet here.

You’re doing work for one of your clients at present however, you’re thinking about the meeting is due in three hours.

If you attend the meeting, you’re all the time thinking about whether you need to visit the fitness center in just two hours.

If you go to the gym, you’re always thinking about dinner with your spouse and children.

As you sit down to dinner with your family and children You are always thinking about the report you must send out before going to sleep.

After you fall asleep you begin to think about what you have to accomplish in the morning when you get up.

This cycle continues moving and going until you’re exhausted, lacking energy or motivation to complete anything.

The goal is to slow down and remain in the moment and enjoy the moment and its power. It is a great way to rejuvenate yourself to just gaze at a tree and focus on nothing but the tree. If you’re living in the present it does not just give you energy, but also helps conserve the energy where you’d be contemplating and worrying about the things in the future that you must accomplish.

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