What to do when you can't do anything? Here Are the Reasons

What to do when you can’t do anything? Here Are the Reasons

Do you have tons of plans to do and loads of work to catch up to but can’t find the motivation to do anything?

Everyone has been in the situation now and then. Everyone requires the motivation to get up and get going.

No matter if it is to build a new habit or reach your life’s goal, motivation becomes the driving force to get the job done.

There are times when we would feel we can’t do anything or break our head with the question why can’t I do anything. If you feel the same way you are not alone.

There is no one without motivation; there are only people who don’t understand the motivation.

The key is to channel the energy to feel motivated in the right direction.

It is completely normal to feel motivated in things that are not important like watching your favorite reasons.

If you wonder, why I can’t feel like I can’t do anything, here are some reasons.

Feeling overwhelmed

One of the main factors that make people procrastinate is the overwhelming feeling.

Think how frustrating it is when you have 100 to do things on your list today. The frustration leads to procrastination.

The same thing happens with unrealistic goals. It is good to have big goals with a complete game plan.

A big goal without any plan is an unrealistic dream that makes you feel frustrated and demotivated.

The problem is when your actions don’t justify your goals. This results in thoughts like I never want to do anything anymore and can’t get myself to do anything.

Avoid falling from this trap by letting your actions and tasks take a toll on you.

To avoid this situation break your big tasks into actionable bits and carry out the small tasks.

This helps you manage everything without getting the feeling of I to have no ambition for anything.

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Getting extremely comfortable

When you are in a zone of comfort for several years, it is tough to condition the change.

Your habits play a vital role in feeling the motivation to get things done.

Instead of staying in your comfort zone for a long period, you must come out and grow from time to time.

When things get extremely comfortable, you develop fear to change which stalls growth.

To break free from the fear to change understand that change is inevitable.

Get out of your comfort zone and try new things like visiting a new place, talking to a stranger, trying different dressing styles, and more.

This helps curb the thoughts of I have no ambition for anything.

You support the idea of multi-tasking

In the age of information, many feel like focusing on multiple things at the same time is the way to success.

But one thing you have to remember is that multi-tasking is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Multitasking has been glorified to an extent where many fail to understand the fact that multitasking doesn’t improve productivity.

In an aim to multitask, people often end up doing nothing. This finally seeds the thought like no motivation to get a job or I never want to do anything anymore.

To avoid such thoughts it is better to focus on one thing at a time. Try reading a book and watch TV at the same time.

You can’t pay your full focus in both tasks. That is why it is always better to focus on one thing at hand and get going with it instead of worrying about 10 other tasks.

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Stall too much thinking

Planning is one of the main factors to promote long-term success but as the famous phrase goes you can have too much of a good thing.

But all of it can go down the drain if you don’t act on it and keep on thinking.

A great plan executed is a waste if not executed. To start action, don’t overthink.

Instead of worrying about consequences too much, start the action and go with the flow till you can figure out the situation.

This is the answer to feeling can’t get myself to do anything and why can’t I work.

Blaming others for your problem

Blaming others for your missed opportunity is not the way to get going and doing things.

Even if you deserved the position in your company or the prize in a competition, blaming others will pull you down from where you are now instead of pushing you up.

When you start blaming your blocking your progress and the feeling of no motivation to workout anymore and not wanting to do anything has curbed in.

Bottom line

The feeling of no motivation starts when there is no goal or destination in life.

When there is nothing that drives us, obviously lack of motivation will stunt our personal growth and success.

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