Why Bad Things Are Constantly Happening

Why Bad Things Are Constantly Happening

Things can go wrong for well-intentioned individuals. Many people think that every action causes consequences or that events may occur for a reason.

Festinger’s theorem of attribution stipulates that to keep from mental dissonance, and we need some person or thing to be blamed for blaming for “bad things.” He also said that there aren’t any incidents in the world.

But these thought-provoking kinds can lead those who struggle to think it was their fault, even though traumatic incidents and stressors may happen without cause or be due to circumstances beyond your control.

Being able to manage anxiety and your emotions when a problem occurs can be a means to feel at ease and confident when facing challenges.

When Are Bad Things Preventable?

The daily challenges you face can be avoided even if you do not realize that your actions could cause an issue. Sometimes, it can cause issues by not taking action.

For instance, somebody forgot to empty the garbage the night before on Wednesday. They had planned to dispose of it in the morning; however, on Thursday morning, they awoke early and needed more time to empty it before garbage collection.

The trash remained in their kitchen and flooded until the following Thursday. Inaction on Wednesday may have led to the subsequent events.

Furthermore, you’ve seen someone who decided to drive to work and return home with less than half a gallon of fuel in the vehicle.

They may drive into their driveway and be content that they have reached home. The next night they could receive a message that their son requires an ambulance to take him home from football practice. The car runs out of gas right before they arrive at their son’s school.

After four hours and $85, they’re in their home with the child. While the lack of gasoline was stressful enough, it could have been avoided earlier in the morning.

The daily challenges could be forgetfulness, planning issues, or organizational difficulties. It is possible to feel like “bad things are always happening” due to stress-inducing situations. Organizing your schedule efficiently helps avoid future issues.

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Sometimes, problems arise without reason. In other instances, they may result from an act or inaction. But it is not your fault if you’ve been through something frightening, traumatizing, or out of your control.

If you are confronted with uncontrollable situations, engaging in activities that can have positive results is possible.

Self-care is a way to be in control of your life as well as your environment. Although it’s not guaranteed to stop adverse incidents, it can help you be more comfortable and compassionate towards yourself when you experience a difficult situation.

  • Acts That May Prevent Stressors
  • In some instances, it is possible to avoid accidents or everyday problems. For instance, you might keep a note of some of the following points:
  • Regular oil changes and essential auto maintenance can keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Removing batteries from smoke detectors can be a signal of the threats.
  • The lock on doors and turning off the alarm can deter intruders.
  • The dog’s diet means that he cannot delve into the garbage.
  • The fact that you have to take the trash out can indicate that it’s not available for the dog.
  • Cleaning and flossing your teeth can help prevent the development of root canals.
  • Healthy eating and exercising help avoid health problems.
  • Be sure not to use your phone while driving could prevent accidents.
  • A budget can ease the stress on your finances.
  • Setting your alarm an hour earlier may assist you in getting to work on time.

Try to prevent what you can and ensure that stressors do not surround you. But, not be obsessed, since difficulties can happen regardless of these steps. If you are constantly looking for safety features and compulsions, you perform to ensure that you are protected or believe that your actions determine your fate. You may be suffering from signs associated with the disorder known as obsessive-compulsive (OCD).

What Does This Mean For Me?

If you aim to prevent negative situations from happening, you may not be able to control the situation. However, you could alter your life that improves your proactivity and focus in the areas you’re concerned about. If you spot something that requires attention, Try to tackle it immediately instead of putting it off.

It might be challenging to alter your routine. However, it can be beneficial. If you feel like your life is filled with negativity, take action to make changes. If you’re having trouble making positive changes, you should reach an advisor to discuss the issues that have been going on in your life.

Reaching Out For Professional Help

You might require extra help if you feel trapped in a downward spiral or are dealing with traumatizing events beyond your control. Counselling in a safe environment like your home could be a good option for those who have trouble feeling secure or at peace. If that’s you, think about online counselling.

Online counselling allows clients to receive support via video calls, phone messages, or phone calls with their therapy therapist. Online cognitive-behavioral therapy focusing on trauma is a scientifically-based therapy that can assist individuals in dealing with the trauma of their lives. Other studies demonstrate the benefits of using online therapy for depression or anxiety.

With an online platform such as Better Help through a platform such as Better Help, you might be able to find a counsellor who specializes in your particular area regardless of whether it’s anxiety, trauma or another problem.

Positivity is a mindset that can be cultivated over time. If you’re interested in learning more, our Positive life Blog has a plethora of articles waiting for you.